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Skip bins are very common in Australia, and you might have seen them in every locality. They are large dustbins where you can dump your waste. However, one thing that makes them repelling is their look.

Traditional skip bins are bulky and occupy a large space. The local authorities take care of the bins and come to collect them on specific dates. Mostly the skip bins are overflowing if the date of collecting the waste is at a later date.

Due to this unappealing and inconvenient process, mini skip bins are becoming popular.

Mini Skip Bins for Easy Waste Disposal

At Mobile Skips, we offer mini skip bins that are smaller than traditional skip bins. They are mostly popular for collecting household and commercial waste.

The best thing about our mini skip bins is the easy removal of waste. You can book our mini skip bins at your desired date. Once the bin is full, we will come and collect it. This can happen at any date when the skip bin can collect no more waste.

Due to this, there is no scope for waste overflowing from the skip bins. Moreover, the mini skip bins are locked properly, which is another step to prevent overflowing.

Convenient Sorting of Waste

Mini skip bins make it easy to sort your waste into different types. You can put the recyclable waste in the mini skip bins to dispose of it at the right place. Moreover, you get the convenience of not having to travel to a landfill to dispose of the waste.

Mobile Skips offer quality mini skip bins in Australia in a cost-effective range. Our mini skip bins are of 4m3 and two different weight capacities.

The mini skips can hold almost 50 – 60 garbage bags. This means you can segregate the wastes into different bags and ensure they do not get mixed up.

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