With the increase in pollution levels, the government and people should look for ways to reduce it. However, the home renovation and construction projects add to the pollution when the waste is not disposed of and managed properly.

In 2008-2009, about 19 million tonnes of demolition and construction waste was produced, and over eight million tonnes were landfilled as per the Australian Government report. While planning for home renovation, people usually forget the most important thing that is proper waste disposal.

If you don’t incorporate a proper waste management plan, you will end up piling garbage in your garage. If you are worried about managing rubbish disposal for your Home Renovation, you will find some quick tips.

6 Tips to Manage Rubbish Disposal for Your Home Renovation

The rules and regulations for waste disposal differ from country to country. However, the below-mentioned tips are universal. Read further and explore the six tips for managing rubbish disposal for your home renovation.

Architectural Salvage

Whether you are renovating an individual room or getting a complete home renovation, you will end up with fixtures and material you don’t need. Architectural Salvages are a type of antique shop that collects and displays building materials.

The shop collects materials like light fixtures, bricks, old toilets, and cabinet hardware. They resell the materials so that other renovation projects can use them. So, your home renovation waste can become a treasure for another.

You can find some architectural salvages that offer only selling and buying services while others work as demolition companies. The cost will depend on the condition of the trash; however, it is not that excessive.

For example, if your rubbish requires more effort to make it usable, the company will not pay enough. Nevertheless, the motive is to clear the rubbish from your home.


The next thing you can do with your home renovation rubbish is to take it to a rubbish pit. Once you have sorted the items you want to dispose of, you can hire a roll-off dumpster trailer to dump the garbage in the local or nearby landfill.

Always sort and organize the rubbish before you take them to the landfill. Also, make sure that landfills should have allocated places for the bigger appliance to dump the waste. For detailed information, you should connect with your local landfill.

Donate Your Waste

Not every discarded material from your home renovation is going to be unusable. You don’t need to dump all the materials that you don’t require further. You can sell or donate them to another family if they are not damaged severely or in good condition.

You can search for donation centres in your area to donate those items. The Donation centres usually allow light fixtures, cabinets, functional appliances, or windows that people can reuse. However, it is better to check with different donation centres to know what they accept and what not.

In addition, make sure that items are in usable condition before donating.

Local Garbage Collection Service

If you cannot manage rubbish disposal for your home renovation, you can consider asking for local garbage collection services nearby. The services can pick away all the massive waste from your home at a particular cost.

You only need to inform them of where to pick the rubbish. Also, include all the items along with their size if you have any larger appliances. The service is quite inexpensive, and the cost is generally based on the weight and size of the home renovation waste.

If you schedule a garbage collection service, you would have to collect the waste in a pile.

Purchasing a Collapsible Trash Bin

A collapsible trash can is a good choice if your renovation waste doesn’t include large appliances. However, you need to search for the services that offer collapsible trash can in your area. Though you can find the services online, the trash bins are also available at waste management companies and hardware stores.

You can purchase the collapsible trash bin and fill it with the rubbish of your home renovation. After that, you can call a pickup service to collect your bin. However, the option is slightly expensive from the local garbage collection service because you need to pay for pick service as well as bin here.

Resuing or Repurposing the Old Items

If you don’t want to sell your items, the best thing you can do is reuse or repurpose your old items. You can transform the old items into something interesting and creative. That way, you can also protect your old items from getting dumped in a landfill. And, you can provide a new look to your home without spending a considerable amount of money.

The next best thing is you can reuse the old items. You wouldn’t want to spend money finding a new cabinet for your garage when you can use one from your bathroom or kitchen. Thus, it can be the ideal solution to manage your rubbish disposal, and it’s cost-effective too.

Benefits of Managing Rubbish Removal After a Home Renovation

You are doing a home renovation to make your home aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. However, you had to deal with huge rubbish while doing a home renovation. The above-discussed tips can help you effectively manage your rubbish disposal, but why is it important?


Renovating your house means you have a lot of responsibility. You need to be prepared beforehand how you will manage rubbish disposal for your home renovation. You alone cannot handle waste disposal items such as mattresses, fridges, and cabinet appliances; that’s why you need professional rubbish removal services to do the task for you.

Any reputed company will have the essential vehicles and tools to dispose of the garbage. Moreover, you can schedule the pickup of trash at your convenience.

Promote Sanitation and Health

There are some wastes from your home renovation project that are harmful to your skin and body. If you keep those items at your home for a long time, it can result in many health issues.

Improper waste management leads to allergies, skin rashes, and many more diseases. Therefore, proper management of waste disposal is crucial to protect your home and family.

Protect Environment

You are not only responsible for community and individual safety but also environmental safety. Mass generation and plastics can negatively impact the environment. If you include waste management practices, it will reduce the use of plastic and promote practices like composting to protect the environment.

Clean the Landscape

During renovations, you mistakenly store a lot of rubbish in your backyards, such as broken appliances, large pieces of debris and trash, and old furniture. These items can mess with your landscape. It will also lower the visual appeal. Also, the place will become a perfect spot for pests and rodents to breed.

The proper waste disposal of home renovation can help clear and clean the landscape. You can also position skip bins strategically to improve the visual appeal.

Protect from Bio-hazards

Your home renovation waste doesn’t always include furniture items or renovation scraps. It also contains chemical waste, metals, and gadgets that on decaying can result in serious biohazards. Moreover, they can contaminate the water and soil upon leaking, and some of the particulates also combine with the atmosphere.

That is why you need proper waste management to prevent leakage of these items and prevent the risk of biohazards.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that rubbish from your home renovation is harmful if not disposed of properly. Besides negatively affecting the aesthetic value of your home, it is dangerous for your health and the surroundings as well.

But now you have all the necessary tools and gear to manage the rubbish disposal for your home renovation. By following the above-mentioned tips, you are now protecting your home and family and contributing to the safety of the environment.

No matter what you choose, proper rubbish disposal will offer you many benefits. So, before starting your renovation project, decide about how you will dispose of the accumulated garbage.