Find answers to common questions about Mobile Skips

The information below may be able to answer any queries you might have. We are always happy to answer any additional questions, so please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 675 477. Facts and Questions

How much does it cost to hire a Mobile Skips bin?

Our pricing varies by each city around Australia (due to the wholesale cost of waste management and recycling). You can get an instant fixed price for your post code/suburb by going to

Do you offer same day skip delivery

Yes, Mobile Skips offers same day delivery within a 3-hour window. If you don’t want delivery, you can also pickup a skip from your local Bunnings.

How big our your skip bins?

All our Mobile Skips are 4 cubic meters in volume and come in two weight classes 500kg Standard or 1000kg Heavy. This the most popular Mobile Skips bin if the Heavy Skip (1000kg). Read more on Our Skips page.

What type of skip bin is best for my rubbish?

We offer 2 product types—A Standard Mobile Skip and a Heavy Mobile Skip.

The Standard(500kg) is perfect for home and office clean outs. Domestic rubbish like cardboard, paper, clothing, plastic, e-waste, and broken up furniture. Green rubbish such as clippings, leaves, branches, twigs, and 1 wheelbarrow full of heavy stuff.

The Heavy(1000kg) is perfect for renovation waste, restoration & remediation, builders rubbish, and large clean outs projects. Typical waste types would be timber/wood, trim, moulding, cabinetry, fittings, plasterboard, off cuts, etc,. A heavy skip typically has the weight capacity for 5 wheelbarrows full of heavy waste.

*In order for us to collect the skip, the lids need to be able to close. There is also a maximum weight limit of 2,000kg that we can safely take in a Mobile Skips bin.

What can I put in a skip bin?

Example list of waste types 
General Household Waste
● Cardboard
● Plastic
● Paper
● Styrofoam
● Clothing and bedding

Renovation and Builders Waste
● Cardboard
● Particle Board
● Plaster Board
● Lumber
● Pipes
● Fittings
● Electrical cables
● Broken up cabinetry
● Carpet (cut down to fit into the skip)
● 1 to 4 wheel-barrow loads of heavy materials (depending on skip size) such as Tile, Pavers, Rubble, Rock,
● Concrete, Cement, etc,.

● Phones
● Tvs
● Monitors
● Computers
● Peripherals – Keyboard, mouse, controllers, cords
● Printers
● DVD players, old gaming systems, etc,.

Green Waste
● Clippings
● Weeds
● Branches, Twigs, Logs, Timber
● Mulch
● Leaves

We take almost anything, providing the item is not dangerous, poisonous, explosive, food waste, or liquid. We also do not take  bulk amounts of heavy items, due to weight restrictions when emptying the skips. More detail can be found on our waste types page.

Can I move it myself if I need to?

Yes, if you have a car with a tow ball you can move a Mobile Skips bin. We recommend checking the towing capacity of your vehicle and not overload the skip past the maximum amount you can tow. If you would like to book a multi-destination skip, please contact our customer service team and they can assist you with your booking.

How long can I have it for?

Our average hire length is 2 days (or 3 days over the weekend), but you can have your skip as long as you need for only $15 extra per day. We also provide additional days at no extra cost due to weather (rain, high wind, hot days, flooding, etc,.).

Can I pay cash?

We take all types of credit cards online, but yes you can pay cash either by going to the nearest Bunnings store or by calling our customer service team and making a booking with them for a cash delivery.

How much notice do you need to book a skip bin hire?

We offer same day skip hire and recommend making your booking as early as possible in the day.

What happens to the rubbish once you pick it up?

All Mobile Skips bins are taken back to our depot/yards. The waste is then transported to our registered recycling and waste facilities. From here they are weighed and emptied and then the rubbish is sorted and recycled.

Do I need to get a council permit to have it parked on the street?

No, Mobile Skips bins are permit-free because they are mounted on a trailer that is road registered and can be placed any where a car can be legally parked 

Can I have a skip delivered to one address and picked up at a different one?

Yes, we can deliver and collect from different addresses providing they are in the same general area. This type of booking is great for moving/relocation and for cleaning up multiple properties. In order to make a multi-destination booking, please contact our customer service team.

If you plan on moving a Mobile Skips bin from one location to another, we recommend checking the weight rating for your tow ball and make sure you don’t load your skip past the maximum weight rating.

Do you offer fee-free cancellation if a Mobile Skips bin doesn’t suit my rubbish removal needs?

Yes, we offer fee-free cancellations, even after we have delivered it. If our Mobile Skips bins do not suit your rubbish removal needs and it is empty, we will take it away and cancel your booking at no additional cost.

Do Mobile Skips bins come with a padlock, or do I need to purchase one?

All Mobile Skips bins come with a coded padlock at no additional charge. The code will be text messaged to you the day of delivery.

When the skip is ready for collection, please lock the lids with the padlock. If the padlock is missing, than you may incur an extra charge for replacement of the padlock.

How easy is to open and close the lids for a Mobile Skips bin?

All of our Mobile Skips bins have two independent, adjustable height, sturdy plastic lids. You can open one side and keep the other side closed, or open both lids. Both lids have a chain connected to them which is where the padlock connects to secure your skip bin.