Giving your bathroom a makeover is something that all of us desire. Before you jump in and select your dream bathtub and rest, you have some less exciting things to consider. These aspects will ensure that your bathroom turns out just the way you envisioned it.

After all, you don’t want to deal with leaky taps and inadequate lighting after renovation. The process of renovation starts with hiring skips bins and ends with adding a finishing touch. Does it sound too hectic? Don’t worry!

This article will walk you through everything from skip bins and waste removal to aesthetics and functionality. Let’s get started!

12 Essentials For Bathroom Renovation

These 12 points are of paramount importance and will help to bring success to your bathroom renovation.

Go Eco Friendly By Hiring A Skip Bin

What do you plan to do with all that renovation waste lying around? The best solution to this problem is a skip bin hire. Skip bins adopt eco-friendly ways to get rid of your general waste. Besides, they are wizards at handling all sorts of waste material and rubbish.

Moreover, they are readily available all over Melbourne and Australia.


There’s no doubt that bathroom renovation is a costly affair. Before you start up with your project, try to set a budget. With so many luxurious choices, it’s easy to deviate from the budget. There are many premium materials and bathroom accessories.

Setting a budget will also guide your decisions better. It will offer you a clear sense of how much you need to spend on skip bins, tiles, shower, and the rest.


If you think you can complete the bathroom renovation project in less than a week, you’re mistaken. Depending on the type of renovation, your bathroom might take even a month for renovation. It would help if you had a realistic timeline for such a process.

With a well-planned schedule, you will know when to buy the renovation materials. If you are hiring a renovation team, you must expect the same from them.

Work Sequence

A bathroom renovation must follow a specific sequence. First, you need to demolish the sheetrock and get rid of the waste.

We also recommend you start with the top of your bathroom. Start with the ceiling, and slowly crawl your way down to the walls and then the floor.

Many people make the mistake of laying concrete and putting tiles at the start. The rest of the renovation processes can damage the flooring. For this reason, you must follow a work sequence for the project.

Design And Functionality

Since day one of your projects, start deciding about the looks and functionality of the bathroom. How would you like the cabinets, tiles, walls, shower area? Can you afford some high-tech advancements in your bathroom?

The design and functionality are the two indispensable aspects of a bathroom. Your renovation project should not compromise on either.

Professional Service

Many people prefer to skip hire and contractors for bathroom renovation. It is understandable because bathroom renovation is a complex job.

Hiring a team of professionals will leave no room for mistakes. Moreover, all of us do not know about electrical wiring, plumbing, and tiling tasks.

Hiring a renovation and skip bin contractor has a host of advantages, and you don’t want to overlook them. The contractors will save a chunk of your time and also misery.

Hidden Issues

The renovation is the best time to identify any hidden issues and eliminate them. Go “full gut” when you are doing a bathroom renovation. When you carry out the renovation process swiftly, you can end up with a design with zero issues.

Aim for fixing these issues so that your bathroom functions effortlessly for a lifetime. One of the most significant problems in the bathroom is water damage. Most homeowners can relate to this problem. Furthermore, with the growing age of your sweet abode, these issues might become more prominent.

The plumbing might not be adequately vented, the tiles and shower area might not have adequate waterproofing, and so on.

Plumbing Features And Fixtures

No bathroom renovation is complete without finding the best plumbing fixtures. Your bathroom fixtures list might be pretty long. Who doesn’t want their household to have all the updated features? You have to think about the sinks, faucets, showerheads, bathtubs, and so much more.

That’s not all! You can elevate the look and feel of your bathroom with a quality handle and drawer pulls. You can also get hold of affordable shower doors to complete the look of your bathroom.

Flooring And Walls

You can use any material for the flooring and the walls. However, you have to ensure that they are waterproof. If they are not, you can opt for an impervious finish for them. Depending on your renovation budget, you can opt for marble, ceramic, and granite tiles.

These materials are the most suitable for bathroom flooring and walls. The criteria for bathroom flooring and wall materials are that they should be slip-resistant and durable.


In wet rooms like bathrooms, ventilation must be well-planned. These tricky tasks require intensive planning. You have to choose the correct position, the right fan, and also handle electrical wiring.

Poor ventilation might leave our place damp and smelly. You might not be aware, but they can also harm your health.

The continuous airflow will ensure that it restricts the decaying of any wood or any other fixtures. You can consult an interior expert for the most suitable solution.

Skip Bin Sizes

Environment-friendly and safe rubbish and waste disposal is the call of the hour. Before you go ahead and hire skip bins, you should decide on their size. Do you want a regular skip bin or a mini bin? For this purpose, you can assess the size of your bathroom.

Most of the skip bins come in the size of 2 cubic metres. You can also find skip bins in the size of three and four meters. You also have to take into account the amount of rubbish the renovation process will generate.

Make sure you choose the correct size bin for your bathroom to manage waste effectively. Across Australia, you’ll readily find the different bin sizes for your bathroom waste.

The Final Clean

The finishing stage is the most crucial in the bathroom renovation process. Once you install all the ducts, vanities, showerheads, tubs, and fixtures, you must clean them thoroughly. You might overlook cleaning requirements while accounting for the budget.

You can also call a cleaning expert to take care of the job.

Why Should You Hire A Skip Bin While Bathroom Remodeling?

If you want to bring your bathroom renovation project on track, you must identify effective waste disposal methods. You can hire a skip bin to handle your different waste types effectively. Here are some of the benefits of hiring skip bins to get rid of your bathroom waste:

  • Skip bins are cost-effective and readily available.
  • They offer versatile bin sizes for hire.
  • Hiring the best skip bin will add efficiency to household waste handling.
  • These skip bins are eco-friendly choices.
  • Using a skip bin is one of the easiest methods of your bathroom renovation waste disposal.


When you are planning a bathroom renovation, make sure to consider the prices and include these pointers. There are many skip bins for hire and rubbish removal services. You can keep all unwanted problems away by keeping these 12 pointers in mind.

Thankfully, materials, waste disposal, and renovation services are cost-effective. With these 12 different tips, your bathroom will look like it came out of an architecture magazine.

Initially, you might find it challenging to bring whatever you envisioned into the aesthetics, but these pointers will streamline things for you.

Make sure that the cabinets, accessories, lighting, and everything else blends to create harmony. Good luck with your skip bin hire and rubbish removal!


Affordable bathroom renovation can be a daunting task. You have to arrange the materials, opt for mixed waste removal, get rid of the household waste, design everything, and more. By hiring a professional service, or a cheap skip bin hire, you can get the job done effortlessly.

You must have proper planning while approaching bathroom renovation. If you are opting for commercial services, first get a quote. Whether you decide to go for a DIY bathroom renovation or local renovation services, you must have a checklist.

The most effective bathroom renovation list should have the following checkboxes:

  • Go Eco Friendly by Hiring a Skip Bin
  • Budget your bathroom renovation
  • Consider the time
  • Establish a proper work sequence
  • Go for an aesthetic design & functionality
  • Choose a commercial professional Service
  • Try to identify the hidden Issues
  • Plumbing Fixes and Fixtures
  • Plan the flooring and walls smartly
  • Don’t forget the ventilation
  • Choose the skip bin sizes carefully
  • The final clean should include rubbish removal and more

A skip bin hire can help you go through the process smoothly. Many people disregard the importance of proper waste disposal or waste removal. Skip bins can manage green waste, commercial waste, and a wide range of garbage.

Did your bathroom renovation leave you with concrete and rubbish materials? Well, that’s all the more reason to hire a skip bin. You can give us a call to handle all your waste types.