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Transforming your space through a renovation can make your home more beautiful and functional, improving the time you spend there as well as improving your home’s value. If you’re ready to work on improving your space, whether it’s remodeling the kitchen, updating the bathroom, or transforming the backyard, be sure to keep safety before, during and after the renovation in mind.

Make sure you consider the types of waste created.

Your kitchen requires an upgrade or whether you’re sick and tired, home renovations can be a huge undertaking.  As you ponder the incredible array of designs and new stuff, don’t forget that doing any sort of renovation leaves lots of waste.

Prior to diving in headfirst with that dream kitchen remodel, keep reading to find out more about house renovation waste along with the best ways to get rid of it at away.

Asbestos is a very real danger, most commonly for houses built before the 1970s. The issue with asbestos is that it can be in almost any part of your house, including insulation, floor tiles, roofing and the walls. If you suspect that there is asbestos, don’t hesitate to contact professionals to have it removed as it can be deadly.

Gearing up to renovate your home.

It’s time to take a peek at the picture once you’ve determined which kind of renovation you need. Are you planning to rip out old carpet and put in tile, or are you adding new floors on your old laminate? These questions create a major difference in regards to just how much waste you produce.

When you’re not likely to do something massive, it’s best to get just a bit of help. Pros like electricians and technicians know the right way to make changes in your house and keep things secure as well as normal.

It is almost always a great idea to take into account the assistance of an experienced builder that will make your fantasies come true since you gaze upon what could be. They have the expertise, the skill, and the know-how to take your house remodelling thoughts in the paper and change them into reality.

The kinds of home renovations happen in the bathroom and kitchen. Both these areas need a lot of legwork to complete, and they also generate a reasonable quantity of construction waste. With building skip bins out of Mobile Skips, your next project will be easy and clean to boot up.

Major home renovations like knocking walls down and making structural changes are even more extreme. From sheetrock to wood beams, you want a skip to help you include all the building waste which you’ll create during the process.

Home renovations and the waste they produce.

You probably envision a stunning shower with slick taps. The reality is usually quite distinct when it comes to home renovations, at least during the beginning stages.

All significant projects involving building and changes to your residence will wind up messy until they’re completed. That is the reason why you want a suitable skip bin that could handle the job. Our customers do not just love our skips, they adore our customer service, too.

At Mobile Skips, we’ve received plenty of reviews about our skips and also our service. Our client Mick says, “Delivered on time with great advice and a smile, can’t ask for anything else, place the bin in a difficult area to get to, would recommend this service, very convenient.

If you’re prepping for a home renovation, contact us and we will provide the help you need. You will have the experience and professionalism that our friendly team supplies along with the skip for your building waste removal requirements.

Top safety tips before starting your home renovation.

No one is judging your fashion sense, but there should be a strict dress-code for your home renovations (renovation safety). Close-toed shoes, long pants, gloves and headgear should be considered non-negotiable attire, especially if you’ll be working around serious construction or machinery.

Make sure you have the right equipment and it all works properly before you get started. You’ll also want to make sure you have permits and that you meet city codes. Consider these safety reminders before you begin renovations – renovation tips. If you’re going to be spray painting or spraying any mould removal or herbicides, you’ll want to cover from head to toe.

If there’s going to be excess noise, be sure to wear earplugs. Safety goggles or glasses are extremely important when spraying, drilling, or sawing. A good rule of thumb to follow with ladders is the 4-to-1 rule. For every four feet of ladder, the bottom part should be one foot away from the wall or space it’s leaning against.

Don’t go higher than the third step from the top and always have someone spotting you when climbing a ladder. If you’ve just sketched an idea on a napkin or you’ve hired an architect, renovations usually mean you need to bring items up to code. This is especially true in older homes.

Once you’ve properly prepared for your renovation project, the fun begins. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment or carried away with an idea. Be sure to protect yourself and your family as you are busy making your home beautiful. Keep these tips in mind during your renovation project.

Things to consider while completing your project.

Open windows and doors or use a fan to limit irritation from fumes. House paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) that come out as gasses. These gasses can quickly cause headaches, dizziness, and lung irritation. There’s always going to be dust from drywall, insulation, plaster, or sanding. The dust from these projects can irritate your lungs and airways, making conditions like asthma worse.  Ventilation is important for clearing out the dangerous fumes that can build up when painting. If you’re sanding down walls before painting, consider using a dust mask to protect your lungs. Using solvent-resistant gloves while painting can also help protect you from skin irritation and damage.

Just as it’s very likely that you will be lifting heavy items when renovating, you will likely also be using a ladder.  Whether you’re completing a major remodel or simply repainting a room, it will likely entail some form of heavy lifting. Heavy lifting can put you and your back at risk of injury. With things like new fixtures or heavy equipment, it’s important that you lift correctly. Rather than leaning over the object, you should bend at the knees, keeping your spine straight, then lift the object, keeping it close to your body.

Studies have shown that lifting a 5kg weight while bending over puts up to 50kg of pressure on your back. Therefore, it’s important to lift with the proper technique and use appropriate machinery when required.

Ensure you check that the ladder is in good condition before use, making sure joins, foot rungs and the feet of the ladder are structurally sound. Clear the floor around where the ladder will be standing, removing any debris or wire. When using the ladder, use suitable footwear and don’t try to reach an area that’s too far away.

This tip is particularly important for those living in their home whilst renovating, and even more important for those with children and pets. While keeping the renovation site child and pet free is the best practice, doing so isn’t always realistic. Tools, especially power tools, should be kept out of reach of children whenever they’re not used.

A new space produces lots of waste.

Home renovations are a great way to transform your place and help it reflect your personality and style. Whether it’s a brand-new bathroom or a glamorous, updated kitchen, these projects will create a lot of waste that you’ll need to dispose of in a responsible way.

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