It can be an overwhelming time when you find yourself in a position to manage the estate of a deceased loved one. One of the tasks will be dealing with the deceased’s personal belongings and assets. Skip hire can take this load off of you.

Many people do not know where to start or do not have the energy to deal with it while coping with immense grief. To avoid a depressing process, you can ask the professionals at a skip bin hire company to take care of it instead.

Most skip bin hire services provide deceased estate waste removal services on being contacted by the estate litigator or families.

Read on to see how skip hire can simplify this process for you and your family.

The Benefits Of Hiring Skip Bins To Clear Up A Deceased Estate

When dealing with the deceased estate, you are left with a property full of stuff that you do not know what to do with. Some of it may be of value, while some will be useless to you.

In such cases, the chore of waste collection and removal should be passed onto a skip hire company. Let’s see how they can help you out through this tough time.

Same Money, Time, And Energy

After having dealt with the cost of organizing a funeral, you rather not pay any unnecessary expenses. Hiring a skip bin is a cost-effective way to have all property waste collected and disposed of properly.

Apart from affordable prices, there is a minimal wait time involved in contacting the skip bin service and having a skip delivered. All you need to do is book a skip bin online or call to let the team know the details of where and when to make the delivery.

Skip bin companies cover most areas in Australia. So the team can have the skip bins delivered in just a few hours for swift waste collection and disposal. Since the driver will safely dispose of the waste materials with their own truck, you do not require hiring separate transport to drop off the trash.

Skip bin companies also have beneficial customer representatives. When you contact the skip bin hire company, you can speak to them about wanting skips for deceased estate property. The team will make all the necessary arrangements before the delivery of the skip bin.

Professional Work Keeps Space Functional

When you do the cleanup yourself, you cannot avoid making a mess and noise. However, a skip bin service will give you access to professionals who know how to get the job done with minimal mess and noise.

All you will need to do is fill the team in on what needs to be thrown out and what needs to be left alone. With your instructions in mind, they will carefully fill the skip containers with waste materials. Whether it is broken glass or paper junk, they can handle it all safely, so you are left with a clean and functional estate.

Environmentally Responsible Waste Disposal

A lot of waste comes out of the deceased estate, which can be quite damaging to the environment if you transfer it to landfills. Skip bin hire companies have years of experience in handling waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

All their waste-filled trucks are sent off to recycling centres to help you contribute to a cleaner environment even during such times. You do not have to pay an extra fee for this as the drop off to the recycling centre is already included in the price.

Choose The Right Size Of Skip Bin

Skip bins come in all sizes for residential, commercial, or industrial waste types. So whether you need to clean out a small office or a big property, you can access skips for every clearing need. To know about the skips’ sizes, you can speak to the customer representatives over the phone. They will make sure you choose the right size beforehand.

No Hassle Of Council Permits

You rather not exhaust yourself by contacting the local council in your area about getting permits for skip bins. A good skip bin hire company will provide registered skips. This means no visit to local councils or paying a fee to park your skip bin.

So you can have the skip bin delivered and parked in any parking space, street, nature strip, or driveway without any additional fee. The local council will not trouble you with requests for permits, and you deal with more pressing matters at hand.

Professionals will deliver the skip bin without damaging your driveway or the neighbourhood road.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Using Skip Bins For Deceased Estate Cleanup

You can trust the professionals of skip bin service companies to be discreet about what they find and treat everything with confidentiality. Before the driver delivers the skip bin and starts the process, you should go over a few basic things.

Organise A List Of The Personal Assets

Once you gain access to the deceased’s property, you will have to organise and keep track of all the assets. This is necessary for ensuring that nothing important gets taken from the estate, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

So, organise a time to visit the estate and list all the information before the professionals deliver the skip bin. This will also help you make the correct valuation of the estate and separate the useless stuff.

It would help if you can label the items as “Keep”, “Donate”, and “Dispose”.

Estimating The Appropriate Size Of Skips

To keep the process quick and efficient from delivery to drop off, you need to decide on the skip bin size in advance.

If you go on the skip bin service website, you will be given the cubic meter dimensions and the width and height. You will also be given information about how much load the skip can handle and what waste type it is meant for. They will also vary in price to help you find something within your budget stress-free.

Checking All Council Rules Regarding Skips

Different councils in different cities and suburbs vary in their parking rules, whether it is on your driveway or the road. Although a skip bin service company is typically aware of the regulations, you should also look into what your council says about skip bins. For instance, find out if you need a permit or form, where can you have the skip delivered, and how long it can stay on the driveway.

You can contact the delivery team and let them know about the parking regulations in your area so they can deliver accordingly.

Check The Will Regarding The Distribution Of Assets

The first step of getting rid of the waste is to find out if the deceased left a Will. With the help of an estate lawyer or executor, you can determine how the deceased wanted the items to be handled. You do not want your family fighting over who gets what and what gets thrown out.

This legalized form will validate what the deceaseds’ wishes were, and everyone will respect the decision. In case there is no will, customers should look at the standard protocol for what needs to be done.

Divide And Designate Work Areas

Every area in the deceased estate will vary in the kind of waste they accumulate. Some parts of the estate may also be off-limits to workers. In such cases, the customer should let the skip hire professionals know what areas have to be cleaned up.

It would be best if you also designated an area for piling or sorting through the materials. This will make things more convenient for both you and the skip professionals. They can quickly fill up the skip bins, and you do not have to supervise this process, allowing you to spend quality time with family.

Summing It Up

The memories of your deceased loved ones hold great importance and require careful handling. That is why you should look at hiring skip bin professionals. They will provide quality skip bin service by respectfully attending to your needs.


Managing a deceased estate can be an emotional time for everyone. To avoid the high emotional and financial cost of cleaning up deceased loved ones’ estate, hire skip bin specialists. Skip bin specialists like Mobile Skips® are committed to making this hard time easier on you in the best way they know possible – rubbish disposal.

Skip bins are a huge relief when it comes to getting rid of large quantities of unwanted items. They come at varying cubic metre sizes and prices, providing affordable waste disposal for large-scale estate clean-ups. In the end, the unwanted junk will be sent off for recycling.

So you will have the comfort of knowing that a sustainable waste management model is being followed.

When cleaning up, park the skip bin anywhere a car would be parked, permit-free and stress-free! It would be best to let the skip bin company know when and where to make the skip delivery.

Trustworthy skip hires maintain complete confidentiality of the estate findings and conduct the waste pickup according to your instructions.

For any questions relating to deceased estate cleanups, you can get in touch with friendly customer representatives of skip hire companies.