Dealing with commercial waste is a hassle. Removing it, storing it, and safely disposing of it can be extremely tedious. But not anymore! Smart skip bins are here to make your life easy.

Skip bins are large metallic waste bins that help you safely store and dispose of waste. Waste needs to be discarded safely and properly. If they aren’t disposed of properly, they can cause enormous problems. Hence, one of the best solutions to commercial waste is: skip bins.

In this article, we’ll break down the features, advantages, and uses of skip bins for commercial waste management.

What Is A Skip Bin?

A skip bin is a large bin usually made of metal to store and contain waste materials. They come in various sizes depending on the person’s needs. Furthermore, they’re most often seen near a construction and renovation site.

Skip bins allow you to collect large quantities of waste. Furthermore, they work with a wide range of waste ranging from plastic to concrete debris.

Additionally, the term “skip bin” is used in all of Australia. This Australian term is the equivalent of dumpsters in the USA and Canada.

Types Of Skip Bins

There are several types of skip bins available. However, we have narrowed down four of the most common types of skip bins. They are as follows.

Marrel Skip Bins

They are one of the most common types of skip bins. These bins have tall sides, and they are difficult to load compared to the other types of skip bins. The bin sizes usually range from 1.5 cubic meters to 17 cubic meters.

Hooklift Skip Bins

These skip bins are also known as walk-in skip bins. They are generally longer than Marrel skip bins. These bins also have a rear door that can be swung open.

The loading process also is straightforward in this type of bins. Hence, they are one of the most preferred bin for waste management in commercial settings.

Mobile Skip Bins

These bins are relatively newer types of the bin. Mobile skip bins are, as the name suggests, very small in size. They are smaller than marrel and hooklift skips as well.

These are also referred to as Mini Skip Bin. They look a lot like the bins that are seen in an industrial area. It can be transported using small trailers. Typically, the bin sizes range from 3 cubic meters to 6 cubic meters.

Skip Bags

Skip bags are very different from other types of skip bins. These are available for the long term, unlike other types of skips. They are actually hessian bags and not metal bin structure.

Waste Management In Commercial Settings With Skip bins

Going for a ship bin hire is highly beneficial for numerous reasons. They range from being cost-effective to saving your time so that you can focus on the more important part of the business. Besides, they make rubbish removal a lot easier.

Here are some reasons and elaborations on them to equip you with better information on waste management in commercial settings.


One of the major reasons to choose a skip bin hire is it is highly convenient. They can be delivered right to the waste discarding area of your business or industry.

The delivery time can be scheduled regularly, and you can have it picked up whenever you need it. It can save businesses a lot of time spent travelling to a landfill or other waste disposal sites. Also, businesses can save the money paid for the disposal of general waste or building waste.

Choosing a skip bin hire to manage waste and recycling can help save you time, money and effort. You will have experts doing the job for you in a more efficient way in lesser time.

All you have to do is place all the rubbish in a skip and make a phone call. People from the company you have hired will come and pick up the rubbish from your property and dispose of them. You can save money on fuel as well.

With this kind of convenient setup, you do not have to get or return the skips. The company will take care of all the waste and recycling procedures. You can sit back and focus on your business with this effective and seamless service that provides dedicated solutions for waste management.

More Operating Space

Using skin bin services can offer another advantage of providing more space to operate. Job sites can get messy and full of clutter. Skip bin services can help your business by clearing up all the clutter. This is especially true in the cases of construction, demolition and industrial businesses.

By accumulating all the general waste in the skips, there will be more space for working. Even in a small site, less rubbish in the working area means more space for working and increased efficiency.

It will, in turn, offer more space for workers to operate freely. Picking the right bin sizes promotes clutter-free, clean, and effective conditions for businesses.

Ensures Safety At Work

Waste management is vital for the health of businesses as well as individual working for them. It is because most waste contains toxic volatile items and chemicals that are hazardous to human health. Hence, to ensure a safe working environment, an efficient waste management system is essential.

It can be achieved by using a skip service. Also, you can depend on these smart skip bins because a team of experts handles the hazardous waste materials. They will know to remove hazardous waste in the safest possible way with the right equipment.

This is more important if you are working on a construction site where waste build-up can cause accidents. Therefore, by choosing skip bin services, you can make your businesses safer for everyone at work.

Reduces Carbon Footprint Of The Business

Most businesses are not aware of the correct practices when it comes to handling rubbish in their facilities. This may lead to a serious problem where you may dump all the waste into landfills. It is not the perfect way to dispose of them.

Using these bins from a trusted company, you can be assured that experts are managing all your waste. Also, you will know that professionals can handle it the right way.

Recycling and hiring a professional will prevent illegal rubbish dumping, which is harmful to the environment. Plus, it encourages operators in the businesses to become more mindful of the impacts of waste management.

With a proactive waste and recycling strategy, you will be benefited as a green company. Customers who care about the environment will gravitate towards your business than other businesses who do not care.

What Can Go In A Skip Bin?

There are three categories of items that can go in these bins. They are general household waste, renovation waste, and garden waste.

General Waste

General waste includes kitchenware, clothes, broken pieces. If you are not sure of what they are, below are some examples.

  • Kitchenware waste: These include tools, dishes, old cookware, and broken dishes.
  • Toys: Plastic toys, wooden toys, and other pieces.
  • Clothes: Cotton, Silk, Chiffon, Nylon, and others.
  • Paper Waste: Old books, magazines, print items, newspapers, cardboard boxes, and packaging boxes.
  • Packaging: Cardboard, plastic bottles, empty cartons, and plastic covers.
  • Entertainment equipment: TVs, DVD players, and tapes.
  • Broken pieces: Glass, bottles, jars, and others.

Renovation Waste

Renovation waste includes concrete, bricks, tiles, metal, dirt, and debris.

Bio-degradable Waste

Any form of garden waste can be separately added to a bin as bio-degradable waste. It includes leaves, clippings, twigs, branches, flowers, buds, wood, tree barks, or woodchips. It also includes cooking waste and left-over food.

What Should Not Go In A Skip Bin?

General waste includes kitchenware, clothes, broken pieces. If you are not sure of what they are, below are some examples.

Although bin companies generously accept many kinds of waste, they do not accept some item. Mostly, these items are hazardous, and they require special handling. Not all companies are equipped to handle it. Hence it is important to know what these materials are.

Generally, they are asbestos, gas cylinders, batteries, explosives, fibreglass roof sheeting, paint, solvents, gas bottles, chemicals, and insulation items.

Medical Waste

Medical wastes such as used gloves, masks, needles need to be disposed of properly with special care. Otherwise, they can be contaminating to workers of the company as well as others.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent Bulbs contains mercury. Mercury is a very dangerous element. Hence, you need to talk to a specialist for your company to dispose of them.

Also, you can get in touch with your local recycling centre to learn more about how to dispose of them.

Solvents or Fuel

Paints, fuel, oil and other solvents are combustible. It means they can not be simply tossed into the bins. You can contact recycling authorities to get more information about the discarding.

This will prevent chemical burns, respiratory harm, and other major health issues.


Tyres can not be simply tossed into the bin. They have their own designated collection centres. Many manufacturers have their own way of properly disposing of tyres. This applies to other rubber waste as well.

Managing Waste And Recycling

Using Skip Bins is one of the most effective solutions for managing waste and recycling. The waste will be isolated from the local environment to prevent any spread of disease. The rubbish is sent to an indoor space where it is adequately treated. This space is usually termed as ‘indoor recycling facilities.’

Then, the waste is separated and differentiated. They are carefully divided into paper, plastic, wood, and other aggregates. They also pre-sort all the items before segregation. It can help to remove all the bulky items from the garbage.

Next step, the waste is moved into storage bays. Many companies use shovels and other equipment to send them to the storage bays. Here, they are shredded, screened, or compacted depending on the nature of the items.

The final product is reloaded into large containers before being transported to other areas. Then, each type of waste is segregated again into two types. One type is sent for more treatment, whereas the other can be re-used for various purposes.

Waste disposal companies make all the efforts for waste recycling before they send it to the dumping sites. This will help us maintain a pleasanter and healthy ecosystem.

Wrap Up

Smart skip bin services are an excellent way for waste recycling. They provide excellent service for commercial establishments to manage their waste in a manner that has the least environmental impact. Besides, they also provide adequate space, suitable conditions, and a high level of convenience for organizations looking for waste management.


Smart skip bins are handy when it comes to disposing of commercial waste safely. Otherwise, they can be too much to handle for any busy business organisation.

Skip bins easily allow people to collect vast amounts of waste and carry them for disposal. They work perfectly with numerous kinds of waste, including plastic to construction waste.

Some commonly found types of skip bins are marrel skips, hooklift skips, and mobile skip bins. One can pick the most suitable bin among these types.

Additionally, skip bins have numerous advantages when it comes to commercial waste management. This includes the convenience they provide for businesses by reducing the time and effort that needs to be spent on waste management. Also, they can save a lot of money in the process.

They provide more operating space by removing clutter and organising the worksite. This will allow workers to function more efficiently.

Plus, skip bin services ensure safety at work by removing toxic materials and chemicals. A safe working environment can also increase the productivity of a place.

Above all, they reduce the company’s carbon footprint and make it a ‘green company’. Moreover, they take all the waste to facilities where it can be recycled and reused.