Fire hazards can be devastating—not only emotionally but also physically. Your living or workspace can catch fire despite taking every safety measure possible. Resultantly, more than the mental and emotional stress, you will be left with mounts of trash to clean up.

The entire cleaning process can be lengthy and overwhelming. That is where a mobile skip comes in. It is a large trash can that can fit all the rubbish and unrequired items of your house. The best part—you need not worry about the cleaning.

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You can hire a mini skip to get all the work done without much effort from your side. Do you think why choose a mobile skip bin? In this article, you will discover how mobile skip can help you restore fire damages.

What is Mobile Skip?

Have you heard of a skip? It is a large container commonly used to hold and carry construction and demolition waste. Moreover, they can carry other residential and office waste like gardening, event waste, and other such rubbish.

A mobile skip, on the other hand, is a smarter option for the same process. It is an innovative container that is maneuverable, compact, and perfectly easy to use. You just need to hire a mobile skip and load all the fire damage or other rubbish in the bin.

Before Hiring a Mobile Skip

Now that you have the basic idea as to what mobile skips are, you need to consider a few aspects before hiring these containers.

Size: One of the essential factors is the mobile skip size. You need to be sure about the amount of fire trash that you will need to remove. Though mobile skips are usually measured in terms of cubic meters, you can get an estimate in terms of kilograms.

Alternatively, you can also measure based on trailer loads. For example, if you think the entire rubbish will fit in two 4ft-by-4ft trailers, a 3m3 skip will be sufficient.

Emptying Policy: You must have thorough knowledge about the services that you intend to hire. You certainly do not want to be among those who add to the soaring environmental pollution, right? Therefore, make sure the skip company empties the rubbish in proper ways. Furthermore, some firms also offer the option of recycling.

Delivery: Before choosing a mobile skip service, you must also ensure that they are reliable in terms of punctuality and delivery. After fire damage, you do not want to take another headache of waiting for days. Those services must also offer pick-up and delivery services, instead of you having to pick and drop.

Why Choose Mobile Skip?

Are you still wondering why opt for a mobile skip to restore fire damages? Well, these containers have numerous benefits—from ease of use and reliability to reasonable costs.

Prompt Pick-Up and Delivery

Unlike the other options like trucks and trailers, mobile skip is a comparatively newer idea. They have entered the industry with the prime motive to make your clean-up work easy, instead of further postponement.

Mobile skip services will deliver the container to your doorstep at your fixed time. Once you have filled it up, the service will also pick up the bin without any extra charges.

Reasonable and Reliable

One of the best things about mobile skips is that they are comparatively reliable. You would not want to hire a whole truck just for a small amount of rubbish. It would be a waste of effort, time, and money.

Apart from that, the big trucks and trailers often end up destroying the yard or driveway. Moreover, they leave your house in a mess. With mobile skips, you rest assured of a hassle-free process with clean results.

Simple and Maneuverable

Mobile skip bins have a compact design for ease of use. Moreover, they come with attached wheels for complete maneuverability. So irrespective of the area you want to clean, you can drag the container with ease.

Its compact design will let you store it in your garage or take it around the house without causing destruction. Needless to say, you are not dependent on a second party to get things done your way. Just fill the trash with whatever you need to discard from all corners of the house.

Locking Lids for Maximum Efficiency

Are you worried about rubbish spillage and further mess? Don’t be! Unlike the traditional trash cans, mobile skip bins come with lockable lids. So, you can fill the container all you want and close the lid while carrying it around.

Now your garden and driveway will stay clean even after the process. That is not all. Locking lids also make storage way more manageable than before. Plus, this way, your neighbours or other passers-by will also not use up the bin space while you leave it outside!

Brilliant Services

Another excellent aspect of mobile skips is their service quality. Not only do they offer delivery and pick-up services, but much more. You can get all your doubts cleared before hiring service by talking to their customer care representative on call.

Once you are satisfied with the information provided, you can go ahead to fixing the appointment. The best part is you will get a personalized manager, assisting and guiding you throughout the process.

Hassle-free Parking

Some trucks and trailers may require parking and other such legal permits. With all the mess and mental tension, it is probably the last thing you want to worry about. Mobile skip bins are just the solution to this problem.

These containers do not require special permissions from any authority for parking or usage. You can keep them at the required site until all your work is complete.


Did you know most of the trash that Australia generates is dumped at landfill sites? No wonder the pollution levels are sky-high. These methods cause mass destruction by polluting the soil, water bodies, and the air as toxins release over time.

Do you want to reduce the environmental footprint? You can hire a mobile skip service that uses sustainable cleaning ways. Many such firms offer recycling services. They sort the fire-damaged rubbish and sends the recyclable items to recycling services. Thus, you can get rid of the trash without harming the environment on a large scale.

Covers Water Damage

In case of a fire hazard, most of your belongings will get ruined by water if left untouched by fire. Though it is heart-wrenching, the situation is inevitable. Mobile skips ease your process of handling wet waste by providing wheeled containers. You can place the bin right next to your facility instead of carrying the rubbish a long way!

Tips for Fire Damage Clean Up

Are you convinced why a mobile skip is one of the best options for cleaning-up fire damage? Still, that is not the only thing you must worry about. Fire situations can leave you stressed and imbalanced. Here are a few tips to remember while carrying out the post-fire clean-up process!

  • Stay calm, active, and alert.
  • Be ready for a lengthy clean-up process.
  • Avail the house insurance.
  • Arrange a temporary residence.
  • Do not resume living until the place is free of toxins, harmful odours, soot, etc.
  • Handle the rubbish with caution and discard food (packed and unpacked), medicines, and other burnt items.

In Summation

Hazards can take place despite the utmost precautious measures. However, even if such a difficult situation arises, you must not lose your calm. Once you and your family are safe, make sure to hire a reliable mobile skip service. It is reasonable, reliable, maneuverable, and offers ease of manageability at every step!


A mobile skip is your one-stop solution to the entire clean-up process post a fire hazard. During such a situation, you may lose numerous valuables to fire and water that need discarding. Getting your whole living or working space cleaned can be a lengthy and excruciating process.

Hiring a mobile skip is your best choice. It will let you take complete control over things, and you can carry on the cleaning work whenever you want. Apart from being independent, you can also stay tension-free about obtaining parking or other permits as it does not require any.

Mobile skip bins are compact, sturdy, and highly maneuverable. With these containers, you can clean at your pace and store them conveniently in your garage, driveway, or parking. These bins come with wheels, so you can carry them around the cleaning site, adding to their ease of use.

What’s more? You can choose the required size and need not order an entire truck if you have less rubbish. The service personnel will clear all your doubts and give you suggestions that suit your situation the best. Plus, you need not worry about delivery or pick-up, as the professionals got you covered.

Choose the sustainable and easy option of mobile skip to discard burnt and wet rubbish, and restore fire damages!