Doing fire or water damage
restoration? Mobile Skips are your
waste solution.

Australia’s fire season has had a particularly devastating impact this year, with some 2,500 homes being destroyed and lots of fire damage restoration needing to take place afterwards. In these times, fires are now more commonplace than ever, and fire damage cleanup can be a difficult and lengthy process.

It’s no secret that fires leave behind a ton of rubbish and waste material that you need be rid of. If you’re in the middle of a fire damage restoration, cleaning up is perhaps the most difficult and overwhelming part of the whole process.

However, doing fire damage cleanup doesn’t have to be such a task. To get rid of the rubbish and get on quickly with the rest of your life, skip bins for hire are a perfect solution for getting it done.

Choosing the right skip bin to hire, on the other hand, is a different story. From trucks doing damage to your driveway to hidden fees and neighbours using your skip bin as a free-for-all, choosing the right skip bin company for the job is an important decision.

Luckily, Mobile Skips offers all you need for quick and hassle-free fire damage restoration cleanup. Read on to learn why Mobile Skips are your ideal waste solution for your fire damage restoration job.

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You’re busy, you’re ready, your time matters.

No more waiting for days, or getting stood up.

Mobile Skips: The perfect solution for rubbish cleanup.

If you’re handling cleanup after a fire damage restoration, you’ve probably considered hiring an outside skip bin to help you dispose of the leftover mess. After all, the overwhelming mounds of rubbish can be next to impossible to be rid of on your own.

Skip bin hire, on the other hand, can be an equally messy process. You may have heard of lawns and driveways being wrecked by dirty trucks, dealing with complicated permit processes, underwhelming customer service, and a number of other potential issues that might make skip bin hiring sound like…well, rubbish.

That’s why Mobile Skips entered the skip bin hiring industry: we were aiming to provide a rubbish-free mobile skip bin service that takes all the “rubbish” out of “rubbish removal.” We love rubbish and we’re passionate about smart rubbish removal that goes beyond the typical skip bin for hire. When you’re dealing with the extensive rubbish removal from fire damage restoration, Mobile Skips makes it simple, flexible, and pleasant from start to finish.

Simple, wheeled design.

One of the things that sets Mobile Skips apart from other skip bin services is our compact, wheeled skip bin design. If you’re concerned about further damage to your property after your fire damage restoration, don’t be. Our mobile skip bins are wheeled for easy and quick transportation throughout the entire cleanup process, all without causing messy damage to your lawn and driveway.

With their compact wheeled design, Mobile Skips can be used for a wide variety of jobs, including tight areas where traditional skip bins won’t fit. This allows you to park right near your job site for quick and easy rubbish removal.

Mobile Skips also fit in carports, garages, and underground car parks with ease. If you don’t have a lot of space to store a skip bin near your fire damage restoration site, Mobile Skips offers the perfect solution.

Locking lids.

Another troublesome aspect of many mobile skips is dumping done by your neighbours (or other trash dumpers who just happen to be driving by). When you have limited space for your rubbish removal, this can be especially annoying to deal with.

With Mobile Skips, our skip bins have locking lids. This means you don’t have to worry about naughty neighbours using up your skip bin capacity when you’re not around.

Plus, the locking lids of Mobile Skips offer you the peace of mind to leave your skip bin outside the job until it’s finished. In other words, you won’t have to transport your skip bin back and forth to keep it secure when you’re done working on the fire damage restoration job for the day.

No council permits.

When you’re dealing with fire damage restoration, the last thing you want to worry about is council permits to ensure your skip bin is legal to have on the job site.

Mobile Skips offers a permit-free solution for rubbish removal. There are no council permits and no fines or hassles. Plus, you’ll have the flexibility of parking the skip bin wherever you are able to park a car; pretty easy, right?

Flexible and hassle-free with no hidden fees.

Within 3 hours, your skip bin from Mobile Skips will be delivered and ready to go at your fire damage restoration site. No matter where you’re located in Australia, we can come to you. You can also easily book online with free booking changes and free returns, anytime.

Depending on the size of your fire damage cleanup, Mobile Skips also offers different skip bin sizes to accommodate your needs. You can choose a “Standard Skip” with up to 500 kg of rubbish removal, or a “Heavy Skip” that includes up to 1000kg. This way, you can pay for what you need (and not what you don’t).

Unmatched service.

If you’re used to the idea of rubbish drivers with rubbish attitudes, you won’t get that with Mobile Skips. We’re a company that cares about giving great service and providing smart rubbish removal. When you book with us, you can expect direct, personal service throughout the entire process of your fire damage restoration cleanup.

Better for the environment.

Australia generates more waste than the average country and tends to recycle less of it. Plus, a significant percentage of our kerbside recycling is getting sent straight to landfills.

Now more than ever, being environmentally conscious is essential for securing a better future for our planet. Mobile Skips recognizes this, so we’ve designed our service to help you remove rubbish from your fire damage restoration while being kind to the environment.

The patented design of Mobile Skips makes it easier for us to sort through rubbish, separating recyclables and sending them to registered recycling facilities rather than a landfill. If you’re looking for environmentally smart rubbish removal, Mobile Skips offers the perfect solution.

Fire damage restoration and cleanup.

Fires can do a great deal of damage to your property. Depending on factors such as the size of the fire, how it was put out, and the size of the property itself, your fire restoration job can be complicated. As a result, you’ll be dealing with rubbish to clean up from a number of different sources.

No matter the source, Mobile Skips offers a quick, convenient solution for getting rid of all the materials from your fire damage restoration.

Dealing with fire-famaged materials.

Fire tends to destroy whatever it touches, making fire damage restoration nearly impossible in many cases. You’re dealing with walls, floors, furniture, and personal belongings that all might be damaged beyond repair.

The unfortunate reality is this: you probably won’t be able to restore a lot of what you lose. Fire damage restoration typically leads to more rubbish than salvageable items. In other words, you’re going to end up having to replace a lot of it and be rid of the leftover rubbish in the meantime.

This is where Mobile Skips will help you out. Unlike other skip bin services, Mobile Skips will help you easily remove the rubbish without the typical hassles of rubbish removal. This simple process is designed to help you be rid of the rubbish and get on with your life.

Handling water damage after a fire.

After a fire damage restoration, you’ll be dealing with more than just fire-damaged materials. Some items will also be damaged by the water that was used to put the fire out, such as carpeting and electronics.

Mobile Skips will not only allow you to remove water-damaged items; we will also sort through the rubbish and recycle whatever can be recycled. While you may not be able to save belongings that were damaged by water, you’ll at least have the peace of mind that you’re disposing of them in an environmentally conscious manner.

Plus, when handling wet, mouldy, or mildewy rubbish, you won’t have to carry it far. Since Mobile Skips are compact and able to be parked right where you need them, you can be rid of yucky water-damaged rubbish without having to hold onto it for long. With quick, simple removal, disposing of rubbish from a fire damage restoration couldn’t be easier.

Determine if any waste items are banned.

Whether your event aims to be eco-friendly or not, it just so happens that eco-friendly waste management practices offer benefits for everyone involved. These include saving money, easier waste management, and encouraging eco-friendly attendees and investors.

You can achieve all of the above by banning certain items from styrofoam to cigarettes.

You’ll want to discuss banning waste materials with event stakeholders in advance and make sure it’s mentioned on marketing materials.

Choosing Mobile Skips for your rubbish removal needs.

Dealing with the after effects of fire damage is devastating enough; removing the rubbish leftover shouldn’t have to be. That’s why Mobile Skips has designed a smart rubbish removal service to help you get rid of the waste material and get on with your life, quickly and easily.

From same-day friendly service to a hassle-free rubbish removal process, Mobile Skips offers everything you need for removing debris after a fire damage restoration. Now that you know a little more about our services, start planning your rubbish removal today.

Contact us today to get an instant price on our smart rubbish removal services.

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