Disposing of large amounts of waste in an environmentally friendly manner can be complicated. If you’re completing a building project, chances are you’ll need a large container to collect all the waste in. Then, you will also need to get all of that rubbish to the nearest Melbourne recycling depot. You might also have to visit various waste collection depots, according to the types of waste you need to dispose of.

Mobile Skips will grant you all of these services and more. Our skip bin hire service is up there with the most convenient way to tackle waste disposal. They are also cheaper than other standard skips. As our Melbourne skip bins are on wheels, they can be parked anywhere. Just like a car or a truck, our skip bins can fit in garages, carports and many other tight spaces.

Here is how Mobile Skips can make your rubbish removal a much easier task:


Managing your rubbish removal process can become very difficult and stressful, even if it was on a small scale. This is simply because you do not have the proper knowledge or experience to deal with it efficiently. With our skip bins, you will not need to worry about that anymore. Our team will deliver the skip bins and park them wherever you want. After picking up the skip bins, we will also make sure the waste is recycled or disposed of responsibly.

Our skip bins are mounted on registered trailers. Therefore, you will not need a permit from the local Melbourne council for them. This will save you both time and money.

Free Delivery and Pick-Up

With Mobile Skips, you will not have to make long drives back and forth to Melbourne recycling depots or pick up the skip bins yourself. We offer free delivery and pick up of our skip bins six days a week. You can choose the delivery window that is most convenient for you. If you pay online or over the phone, you will not even need to be at home during the delivery time. Just tell us where you would like the skip bin placed, and we will park it there.

Large Space

Our four cubic meter skip bins can take all trash types, from green/garden waste to office/household rubbish and even large, heavy building materials. They are the perfect size for DIY projects, home renovations, or clean-ups. Each of our skip bins is equivalent to four standard 6×4 trailers or sixteen large wheelie bins. You can choose between 500kg or 1000kg skip bins, according to the weight of your garbage.


One of the great things about our skip bins is that you can lock them at night or when they are already full. The lockable lids provide you with more privacy and security.

We have been servicing all of Melbourne since 2006. Today, our skip bin hire services cover Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane and are growing fast across Australia.

Rubbish removal and disposal is not a hassle anymore. Call us today or make an order through our website!