Are you tired of the inconvenience your cluttered garage or shed is causing you? Moreover, has it turned into a dumping ground? Then, you need to get rid of the unwanted things and create a better and effective storage system.

If you have a clean storage space, it will make your life a lot easier. Having to spend hours trying to find tools will be a thing of the past. With a decluttered shed or garage, you will feel calmer and proud of its aesthetic.

If you want to transform your storage space into an efficient shed or garage for you and your family, just read through this article. Are you ready to do some heavy-duty organising?

Steps To Make Your Garage Or Shed Functional

You may find it challenging to be efficacious while figuring out how to organize your shed or garage. It would be best if you pondered some ideas about the organization process. However, it could take days to figure out the entire plan of action.

Therefore, this guide will walk you through the possible steps that can help turn this into a DIY project. Moreover, you can involve your kids in the process, thus making it fun. Depending on the size of your garage or shed, you can do it with the help of these tips.

Setting A Goal

The foremost thing to do is come up with an eventual goal. Further, to do so, you need to understand your requirements for the shed or the garage. Are you into gardening? Then, you will require your garden tools to be at arm’s length in your shed.

Are you tired of leaving your car on your driveway? or do you need access to your sporting units? Whichever the case may be, you need to make a to-do list. It would help if you had a base plan from which you will achieve your final results.

How To Set A Goal?

Before thinking about storing away your clutter, make a rough plan of the final goal you want from this organization. For this to work, you need to start the day with a clear mind. Further, open the shed or garage door and sit on your bench to get a scan of what you are working with.

You could brainstorm some paint ideas to make the final look more appealing. Once you are done mapping out a goal, the real work begins! It is now time to restore the order to your storage unit.

Restoring Order

The perfect way to spend family time during a boring weekend is by decluttering the shed or garden. You may have been dreading this for weeks due to the humungous clutter it has become. However, the condition of this space will enhance your property value.

It would help if you emptied the space by pulling everything out into your garden or driveway. All the sports equipment, gardening tools and holiday decorations you managed to dump in your shed need to be emptied. Further, accumulating the stuff inside your shed to better assess what you require for future use.

Once you have brought the clutter into the open, everything is visible. Further, it would help if you decided which items you can dispose of. Moreover, if you have the time, you can label the items based on its requirement.

How To Restore Order?

Other than that, you can categorize the items, which will eventually help get them better organized. Moreover, making inventories may be the dream of many perfectionists. In case you are not, these category ideas will help with the organization.

  • Keeping for future use – The items that go back into the garage or shed.
  • For sale – The functional items that you can sell will go into this category.
  • Donation for charity – You can give away old clothes or tools in boxes for free. This will enhance the quality of someone’s life.
  • Garbage – The useless items that will go into your makeshift storage bins.

A proper system of organizing will further help you clean the garage or shed efficiently. Therefore, it would help if you create a list of the things going back into your storage.

It would be best to make sure that every item is in the position and area you want to it be. This way you will feel satisfied with your hard work!

A Sorting System

Restoring order to your garage will create an open floor in your shed or garage. Therefore, you now have a clear space to work with. You may go forward and wash the storage. This will help in getting rid of any dust that accumulated over time.

You are now left with a clean floor and organized equipment! Further, items like gardening tools or camping gear and other accessories need separate space in the storage. This will help you have better access to them in future.

Grouping these items will only help with the shopping part. Yes! It would help if you went shopping unless you already have shelving storage, a pegboard or other tools for storing. Moreover, it would be best if you had a rack, some hooks and cabinets to stack your equipment.

You can even invest in containers, cabinets or storage tubes to keep your intricate tools like a screw or rakes safe. You can sort your stuff based on the types of equipment they are. However, before sorting everything in their desired storage units, it would be best to clean them.

It is a crucial step, so it is necessary to give them an extra check before putting them back on your garage or shed floor. If you have a mower, ensure that there are no lingering dirt piles. Further, you can store your shovels and other gardening items inside protective covers.

This way, all your tools will remain safe on their respective shelves. Further, ensure that you discard the items in proper general rubbish skip bins and trash bags. Every tool needs to be stored on the right shelves or pegboard.

How To Store Better?

To keep it simple, follow these tips to get more bench space and maximise the floor area. Further, it will prevent the space from any sign of mess or ransacking.

  • You can use a pegboard on the wall for hanging tools.
  • Further, a shelving system below your workbench will keep your essential tools safe.
  • Hang whatever you can on your wall to better organize the shed.
  • Moreover, you can use hooks to hang items like bags.
  • If you are a gardener, keep your shovels in a cabinet near the doors.
  • It is best to hang shelves on the walls for perfect storing.
  • Ensure that harmful items are away from the reach of kids.

If you want to keep your car inside the garage, you will require more space for manoeuvring. Therefore, turning it into a multi-purpose storage unit.

Cleanliness Is Key

As mentioned before tip, you need to keep your storage area clean. Therefore, once you buy the suitable shelving space from the store, you need to focus on cleaning. Ensure that the space inside your storage facilities is immaculate and dust-free.

It will assist you in organizing the house even better. After all, the garage and the shed are part of your home. You will want to store your new sporting tool on the spotless ground. Therefore, deep clean or maybe wash the space using a garden hose.

How To Keep It Clean?

You cannot simply sweep the floor and call it quits. You can ask your family to help you if they are free. Moreover, you must check every corner of the storage space to clean it better.

Cleaning the doors and windows using a hose will help get the dirt off the surface. Further, making it look shinier and more appealing. On the other hand, you can check every inch of the wall to make sure there is no damage.

You can sweep the floor or paint the wall to give it a better look. Moreover, it would be best to check the ceiling for any possible leaks or openings. It helps repair the damage before causing any harm to your carefully organized shelving system.

Therefore, simply hanging your tool to the wall after organizing is not enough for getting a functional space. This way, you can control what you store, how to organize it, and space you store it in.

Declutter Maintenance

After you finish giving every item their own home, you need to ensure that the mess never happens again. Therefore, you are not off the hooks yet! In the future, when you access the unit, make sure to keep it clean.

After using the equipment, ensure that they return to their hooks. Moreover, to maximise floor space for your vehicle in the garage, you need to make vertical storage units. If you chop wood in the garden, make sure you clean the garden tools before bringing them inside.

These small details will help keep your garage and shed clean!

Wrap Up

Anything stored inside a garage or shed is part of your house. However, it can be a hassle to keep it spotless from piles of clutter. Sometimes sitting in an ugly storage unit on your workbench may make you feel unmotivated and disgusting.

Therefore, following every tip provided in the article will make you feel welcomed within the four walls of your storage space. Post decluttering and garage cleaning, you feel accomplished. Further, using these tips will ensure that you find the items you stored easily.

Make sure to follow the tip carefully to label your home as aesthetic and appealing.


Your storage unit is a reflection of your home. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it decluttered. In doing so, you will have easy reach to all the items in your shed. It will give every item a well-deserved home.

You can start this as a weekend activity with your family. Thus, enabling a bonding time. You can declutter your storage unit by getting the stuff out of the shed or garage.

Further, you can categorize them into sections that will help you determine what to keep. It will also help you decide on the items you want to get rid of. Consequently, it would help if you started cleaning your unit thoroughly to ensure there is no dirt.

In doing so, you will be able to regulate the damaged part of the wood in your shed that requires maintenance. This way, you can make sure that no pesky creatures are lurking around.

In your garage, you need to analyze the walls to understand better the types of storing cabinets and hanging equipment you can install. After you finish the steps, you can start by putting everything together where you want them to belong.

So, it is your responsibility to organize everything and ensure an aesthetic pleasure as you walk into your extended house.