Skip bins hire the ideal option to get rid of a large amount of rubbish in Perth. It makes the waste removal task easier and more efficient for both consumers and businesses. Whether it is a cleanup, a DIY renovation project or a garden upgrade, hiring a skip bin is critical for the project to go smoothly.

Here are a few tips that will help you use your skip bins hire service more productively:

Fill Your Skip Efficiently

You should not just dump all of your waste haphazardly in the skip bin. Loading skip bins is an art. Taking your time and organising your trash will help you fit all of your rubbish into the skip bin. To pack skip bins as efficiently as possible, you should start by putting flat items at the bottom. They will help provide extra support for the heavier items above them.

Heavy and bulky items should be broken down, when possible. It will help you maximise the use of the skip bin space. Any loose items, such as soil, can be used to fill in the gaps between the bulky pieces of waste.

Do Not Overfill the Bin

When filling your Perth skip bin, make sure it can close. Overfilling skip bins are not allowed by many bins for hire companies. It could cost you extra money. You could also be asked to remove some of your waste from the skip bin.

Consider Hiring More Than One Skip Bin

Before deciding on the size of your Perth skip bin hire, weigh in your options first. The price of skip bins hire is usually determined according to the weight of your waste. That is why hiring two small skip bins is sometimes more cost-efficient than settling for a large one.

Hire Skip Bins for a Short Duration

Most skip bins hire companies to charge you per day. Therefore, you need to make your Perth skip bin hire duration as short as possible. Plan for your waste removal. Get the rubbish organised and ready, if possible. Just because your skip bin is conveniently located at your Perth property, does not mean you should take your time to fill it slowly.

Mobile Skips are not your average skip bins hire service. Our skip bins are on wheels. They can be conveniently parked anywhere, just like a car. The best feature of our skip bins is that they will not need a permit from your local Perth councils.

We have been servicing metropolitan Perth and surrounding suburbs since 2014. Our skip bins are four cubic metres and could be filled with almost any waste type. We just do not accept hazardous materials, such as poisons, asbestos, paints, and chemicals.

If you are a consumer or a business looking for a short-term, flexible waste removal solution in Perth, then our services are ideal for you. Book your skip bin today!