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Where Can I Hire A Skip Bin In Geelong?

Whether it is a home renovation, a cleanup, or moving in or out of an office, you will always end up with a lot of waste. No matter how small the task is, it will usually leave you with a lot of rubbish that needs to be disposed of quickly and efficiently. The last thing you need is all of that waste lying around your Geelong property, collecting dust and bacteria.

Skip bins hire services are one of the best waste-removal solutions today. At Mobile Skips, we do not offer your average skip bin hire. Our mobile skip bins are better, more practical, and cheaper than standard bins. Their innovative design provides many benefits that are not available in old-fashioned bins.

Our mobile skip bins are on wheels. Therefore, they can be parked anywhere, just like a car. They do not also need a permit from your local council in Geelong. All of these benefits and more made us Australia’s most trusted skip hire service. Currently, we hire our skip bins in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and we are expanding gradually. Since 2012, our bins hire services have been covering all of Geelong and surrounding areas.

What Are the Available Skip Bins Sizes?

We offer 4m skip hire for both the domestic and commercial markets, which is equivalent to four standard 6×4 trailers or sixteen large wheelie bins, and are priced based on their weight limits. Choose between 500kg or 1000kg. This size and volume are perfect for DIY projects, clean-ups, or small construction tasks.

You can fit our bins into tight places or park them in your Geelong garage or carport. With same-day delivery, no council permits, and lockable lids, waste management could not get more convenient.

How Does It Work?

Our bins hire service is straightforward. All you need is to make a booking through our website or by calling us. We will deliver your skip bin to your Geelong property from our nearest depot. If you want, you can also pick it up from your local Bunnings. After a couple of days, we will pick up the mobile skip and dispose of the waste for you.

Do not worry; we practice responsible waste management. With our service, you can be confident that your waste will be recycled, reused, or disposed of with minimum harm to the environment.

What Can You Dispose of in Our Bins?

We do not accept hazardous materials, like poisons, asbestos, paints, and chemicals. Otherwise, you can fill your skip bin with almost anything, from garden waste and office or household waste to heavy construction items, such as bricks and construction waste. Remember that we allow up to 1000kg of waste in our skip bins. This means you are limited to how much heavy stuff you put in there.

No matter where you are in Geelong, our bins hire services have got you covered. Call us today or book your bin online!

Skip bin hire without the hassles.

That’s really smart rubbish.

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Clean and Safe

Our skip bin surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant and we offer “contact free” delivery.
Stay safe everyone.