If you’re planning to sell your house, getting the maximum price on it is likely your top concern. Well, this involves preparation and what better way to prepare your house than by clearing it thoroughly! Yes, believe it or not, clean houses sell at higher prices and faster.

Homeowners often make the mistake of jumping straight into the decoration phase of home staging. However, if a well-decorated home has clutter, prospective buyers may not see its value and pay lesser fees.

Of course, clearing your home before a sale can be challenging since it goes beyond a regular home cleaning.

For that reason, this article will walk you through a few tips on clearing your house before sale. Read on for some simple yet effective solutions!

Steps To Clearing Your House For Selling

The process of preparing your house for sale is by no means quick. However, it can still be super easy and convenient if you do it right. So here’s a quick guide to how you can clear your household most efficiently.

1. Prepare A Cleaning Checklist

The first step to a more efficient clearing process is coming up with a checklist. Arrange your tasks in order of highest to lowest priority. A good first step would be to sort through every room in the house one by one to clean it thoroughly.

Also, consider setting a fixed amount of cleaning time per room. Say a weekend per room or two. Use cardboard boxes to collect junk or items meant for safe storage.

2. Donate Items Or Have A Garage Sale

What you consider household trash could be pretty valuable to someone else. So here are two alternatives to simply throwing out unwanted items.

For one, you could hold a garage sale to sell a few household things. Not only will this get rid of your waste, but it will earn you a quick buck. Garage sales are also a great opportunity to pique a potential buyer’s interest in your house.

Another great way to deal with items that are useless to you is to donate them. You can choose from several local charity stores or opt for a collection bin to donate for free.

Besides clearing out your home, doing so will help you give back to your community! Of course, these apply only to items that are still in relatively good condition.

3. Hire A Rubbish Removal Service

No doubt, clearing out your house for selling will leave you with quite a bit of trash. Naturally, dealing with all this waste can be daunting. After all, different types of rubbish have specific methods of disposal. For this reason, hiring affordable and professional rubbish removal services may prove helpful.

Rubbish removal experts possess the appropriate equipment and know-how for proper waste disposal. Not only that, but they adhere to strict environmental regulations.

So you can be sure they use smart methods that reduce the adverse effects on the environment. This way you get to clear your rubbish, while also contributing to the environment!

4. Hire A Skip Bin

Some may find rubbish disposal services to be a tad expensive. Or, they may not have enough trash to warrant hiring one. Well, if this is you, we have a more cost-effective solution to offer: skip bins!

A skip bin is a large metallic container used for collecting waste. These bins feature unique design elements to simplify the process of loading the rubbish into a garbage truck. Usually found at construction sites, these bins help collect, separate, and recycle rubbish.

Skips bins are both affordable and convenient for waste management. Not to mention, procuring them is a piece of cake.

All you need to do is opt for the service from a professional waste management company renting out skips in an instant. This widespread practice goes by the name skip hire.

What’s more, skip bins are available in several shapes and sizes. So you can opt for one that suits your rubbish collecting requirements perfectly.

For instance, say you don’t have much trash on hand. In that case, you can go for a mini skip that will take up 3-4 yards.

In fact, the most favoured bin for home improvement or sale is the mini skip. After all, their small size makes them economical, convenient, and readily available to boot!

If you have more trash to deal with it, be smart and hire a large skip instead. This bin will usually extend from 10-18 yards. Most often, though, such containers find use on construction sites for loading rubbish.

Advantages Of Skip Hire Service

When preparing your house or sale, there will be a whole list of tasks you need to perform. So naturally, ensuring you’re following the appropriate disposal method for each type of waste can be frustrating. That is where a quality professional skip hire service comes into play.

Here are some of the primary reasons why skip hire can prove invaluable to you.

1. Getting Rid Of Unwanted Items

Perhaps the biggest challenge in clearing a home out for sale is getting rid of unwanted items. After all, these tend to be of various shapes and sizes.

Taking care of larger things such as furniture can prove challenging. However, skips bins are available in multiple sizes, meaning the size and weight of trash is no problem whatsoever.

2. Collection Of Recyclable Goods

Before disposing of unwanted items, it is smart to check for items suitable for recycling. However, this segregation can be tricky unless you have a skip bin on hand. With a skip bin, identifying recycling items as you sort through the stacks will be super easy and hassle-free.

3. Ensure Your House Is In Top-Notch Condition

When you’re selling your house, your primary concern is ensuring your property appeals to prospective buyers. Well, a great way to do that is to clear out unwanted items from the premises.

Doing so will ensure your home looks pristine, presentable, and fantastic. Skip bins are an easy way not only to collect garbage but to move it out of sight.

This step is especially crucial if your house has undergone some renovations. Skip bins are a quick and convenient way to eliminate tons of trash.

4. Make Your Property More Spacious

A spacious house is far more appealing to potential buyers. Although creating a spacious home may seem challenging on the surface, it doesn’t have to be. All you need to do is eliminate items that make your premises appear small and cluttered.

Collect such items in skip bins and ensure your house is in the most presentable condition possible.

5. Save Time And Effort

Moving homes or selling a property can be pretty stressful. For this reason, trusted real estate advisors will always recommend hiring a skip bin company for additional help.

Besides disposing of trash and unwanted items, you will have a long list of tasks to complete. For instance, you will need to pack all your furniture and belongings.

So a pair of affordable helping hands handling your tasks, i.e., disposing of trash, will give you peace of mind. An expert in removing rubbish will provide the necessary aid in cleaning up your house and moving.

Types Of Skip Bins For Hire

Of course, the availability of skips bins varies from one waste removal business to the next. However, here are the standard skip bins you will typically find.

1. Mobile Skip Bins

Mobile skip bins are a relatively new variety of bin. Likely the smallest bin of all, these are often called mini skips. In terms of appearance, they are similar to front lift bins commonly found in an industry setting. A small trailer is necessary for the transportation of mobile skip bins.

However, this trailer doesn’t require a council permit to be placed on the road. The sizes of mobile skip bins range from 3-4 cubic metres.

2. Marrel Skip Bins

Marrel skip bins are perhaps the most widely used bin type. They are larger than mobile skip bins with taller sides. For that reason, some may find loading thesis bins to be challenging. Marrel skip bins sizes range from 1.5m³ up to nearly 17m³.

3. Hooklift Skip Bins

These are a more common type of bin used in Australia and go by the name of walk-in bins. They tend to be a lot longer in length than the marrel skip bin and have lower sides.

A great feature in these bins is their rear door that you can swing open. You can walk right into a hook lift skip bin, making loading rubbish super easy.

Wrapping Up

This was a simple guide to the most effective way of getting rid of rubbish before selling your house. With these methods, you not only dispose of your trash but also contribute to the environment. After all, they are carried out by professionals who do their utmost to reduce environmental damage and provide you with hassle-free service!


Selling a house is just as stressful as it is exciting. One critical pre-sale task to take care of as soon as possible is clearing out unwanted items.

Buyers are well within their right to demand a few special conditions concerning cleaning in the sale contract. These conditions will dictate the amount of cleaning you need to do before vacating the premises.

However, clearing a house before selling it is something that should need no legal requirement. It is a courtesy for sellers to present buyers with a home in the same cognition as when they had first moved in. You can also demand a higher price for it more confidently.

Now, cleaning itself involves a lot of tasks, the most important of which is waste disposal. However, getting rid of unwanted items from your home can be challenging. After all, not only will you have a lot of trash to take care of, but each type of waste will have a specific disposal method.

Are you curious about how you can clear your house and sell it for higher prices? Well, we have some helpful tips for you that are not only effective but also environment-friendly!