Waste management has become a crucial part of our lives. As responsible citizens, it is up to us to make sure that whatever waste we generate is appropriately disposed of. However, we need to make smarter choices when it comes to getting rid of different types of garbage.

Sure, we can broadly classify it as biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. What most people don’t know is that this waste can be further classified into different types too. One of the most abundant kind of waste generated at home is green waste.

With rapid advancements in technology and detailed research studies, scientists have developed many efficient ways to discard green waste. After all, it is all about moving forward and improving our practices to become better versions of ourselves!

So, please continue reading to learn more about green waste and effective ways to get rid of it!

What accounts for green waste?

Before you start sorting out your garbage, you need to know what green waste exactly is. Green waste is essentially biological waste generated at home. It could be anything from flowers, small twigs to green leaves, and grass clippings.

If you think about it, we create a lot of green waste just by going about our daily activities. The one thing that we must remember about this waste is that it is compostable. All green waste is biodegradable and can be used as fertilizer in the future.

Contrarily, not all by-products at home can be a green waste. Items such as dried leaves and hay are not on this list. This type of waste is known as brown waste and has other important uses. However, green waste is preferred for composting because it aids in nutrient cycling!

So, every time you mow your lawn, you generate a lot of green waste. It is now your responsibility to manage it and dispose of it conscientiously.

Is green waste terrible for the environment?

Now that you know what counts as green waste, you probably think it is not harmful to our planet. Green waste certainly is not as vicious as radioactive waste, e-waste, or plastic.

However, it is still a by-product of our daily activities and deserves to be discarded responsibly.

Mismanagement of green waste can have serious repercussions. It may seem harmless, but if we do not regulate it and let it pile up in landfills, it may land us in hot water. There are two serious reasons why you must separate your green waste from the rest of your domestic waste.

The first reason why we should avoid it is that it takes up unnecessary space. If you think about it, our landfills have limited room. This space needs to be occupied by waste products that cannot be recycled.

So, if we replete our landfills with waste that can be used as compost or recycled, we are hampering the waste management processes. Non-recyclable waste will take up more space than ever and become an even more significant nuisance than it is now!

It is also crucial to get rid of green waste responsibly to avoid inhaling harmful toxins. This waste will begin to recycle in landfills and generate harmful gasses like methane.

This is not only bad to inhale, but it also becomes a fire hazard. Landfills with green waste can become the epicentre of a massive conflagration. So, investing time into green waste management can be very beneficial to you.

The legalities behind green waste management

The Australian government has strictly directed its citizens to pay careful attention to their garbage. Cities like Perth already have very complex waste management systems that must be followed. The authorities have put in a lot of effort to customise each design to its requirements.

This makes it very convenient for every citizen in Perth to follow the rules and practice green waste management. Those who fail to practice this will have to face severe consequences. Perth and other major cities in Australia have strict rules against waste management.

It is advised that all citizens read up on their local laws and invest in green waste management systems. Services like Mobile Skips® provide complete assistance to their clients. You have someone helping you right from the consultation to the picking up of the garbage.

People who ignore these guidelines set by the government will be entitled to paying hefty fines. These fines could range anywhere between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Your ignorance could bear a hefty price, so be on the safer side and get yourself a bin!

What is the best way to discard green waste at home?

As a responsible citizen, you need to take steps to discard green waste at home itself. The city of Perth has very elaborate waste management systems. You should diligently follow all the waste segregation and management guidelines set by the authorities.

This way, you end up making a big difference by contributing to the betterment of the environment. One of the best ways to make sure you regulate your green waste properly is by using skip bins.

Mobile Skips® is one such place where you can get Perth skip bins from. These bins come in handy when you want to dispose of green waste at home. What’s more, is that we help you break down waste management processes and assist you through them too.

This way, you learn more about garbage segregation and its importance too. Everyone has different requirements when it comes to garbage segregation.

At Mobile Skips, we also understand your needs and provide you with bins best suited for you.

What is the process of green waste management in Perth?

Waste management in Perth is very elaborate and intricate. When it comes to green waste management, the city has taken many steps to avoid pollution of the land.

Here is a breakdown of the waste management practices observed in Perth.

What does the waste management program aim to achieve?

The waste management program in Perth was curated over the years to fit the requirements of the city. It has four basic principles that uphold its integrity and ideals. The program aims to reduce waste and manage it effectively within the bounds of the city.

The four ideals of this Waste and Resource Management Plan are:

1. They are reducing the amount of waste generated by the citizens of Perth.
2. Promoting recycling and enhancing resource availability.
3. They are educating the community adequately to teach them the importance of waste management and sustainable living.
4. They are delivering affordable and efficient waste management services to the citizens.

What steps had the city taken to aid waste management?

The city of Perth has recognized the importance of waste management and segregation. The steps taken by the authorities are not a short-term relief to the problem. It is a long-term solution to manage waste and promote sustainable living practices.

The city has taken the following steps to mitigate the problem.

1. Reduced the usage of landfills

Landfills are a temporary fix to the waste management problem. The authorities have managed to develop sustainable solutions for the same by reducing the role of landfills in waste management. Perth aims to run on zero waste strategies and plans very soon.

2. Partnering with sustainable councils

The government has partnered with associations like the Phoenix Energy and the Cities of Armadale, Gosnells, Rivers Regional Council (RRC), Shire of Murray, and the Mandurah and Canning. These partnerships are expected to produce the first Waste to Energy plant in the city.

3. Promoting recycling

The key to sustainable living is reusing products and recycling waste. The city plans to promote these ideas and educate its citizens on the importance of reusing and recycling goods.

4. Using clean energy and recycled energy

Another critical factor is the usage of green energy. This includes harnessing power from natural sources like the wind, water, and the sun to convert them into usable forms like electricity. Replacing fossil fuels with this type of energy is an essential step toward sustainability.

Green waste management in Perth

Green waste management practices in Perth are pervasive. One of the best ways to ensure the proper disposal of green waste is by getting bins. You can get these bins from services like Mobile Skips.

The government and waste management authorities of Perth have taken extraordinary measures. This can be seen on the verge side collection program by the authorities. Under this program, the citizens are provided with three bins on the verge.

One bin is for hard waste, and the other two are for green waste. People can keep these bins in public locations, and the garbage collectors will pick them up from the verge. This allows people to separate their trash and keep their green waste aside.

The verge collection scheme supports and benefits the green waste management program in the city. This is for people who have not invested in bins for their homes.

However, having skip bins can make your life significantly easier.
With all your green waste segregated and organized, you will have no trouble recycling.

Additionally, with the help of services like Mobile Skips, you get complete assistance and guidance along with the right bins!

Start from home – Reduce green waste production

If you effectively want to contribute to waste management, then you need to start at home. Sure, getting bins and separating your waste is a great way to go. However, other more useful tricks can come in handy too.

Here is what you should do if you want to start reducing the amount of green waste you generate at home.

1. Start a compost pit

If you have open space in your home, you can start a compost pit. There are many easy and compact ways to begin working on your compost pit. However, you can ask for help from professionals too. By composting at home, you are putting your green waste to fair use. It can be used as fertilizer for your garden in the future!

2. Have a smaller lawn

Try different types of landscaping techniques on your lawn. Grass can produce a ton of green waste in homes. Moreover, you will invest a lot of time and effort in its upkeep too. So, save energy, money, and the planet by reducing your lawn area covered by fresh grass!

3. Try grasscycling

If you want a lawn with grass, you can try grasscycling for a more sustainable approach. All you have to do is leave the clippings on the lawn itself. This grass will automatically decompose and benefit your property.

In conclusion

Green waste management is a relatively new concept many people are unaware of. However, it contributes to a significant amount of pollution caused by waste generation. If you live in Perth, you are automatically under strict obligation to start separating your waste.

The best way to manage waste at home is by getting help from external services. These services are your one-stop solution to waste management at home. Mobile Skips has a team of experts who can solve any disposal related problem that you may have.

As a responsible citizen, perform your duties right. Be cooperative with your local authorities and contribute to waste management as much as you can. The best place to start is at home! What are you waiting for? Contact Mobile Skips today to begin your journey as a responsible citizen!