You must have probably seen a skip bin in and around your neighbourhood. Although not the best things to look at, they are waste disposal containers, also called dumpsters. You’ll see them filled with garbage and unwanted materials that might have accumulated from a house or a commercial building. After a specific date, the contents of the bin will be collected by the local trash authority.

How is the skip bin different from other trash bins or containers? Let’s find out.

What Are Mini Skip Bins?

A mini skip bin is a container for collecting trash and disposing of it. Mini skips are usually smaller than the standard skip bins and are popular among customers who want to dispose of the garbage collected in their households. Household junk, garden rubbish disposal, and DIY rubbish removal; mini skip bins handle it all.

Nowadays, mini skips are used for sorting the amount of waste collected in a house or a commercial building. It helps to discard and separate the rubbish for recycling, preventing the green waste from being contaminated. As they are smaller than other skip bins, a mini skip is used to low the need for waste removal.

Mini skips are also used in commercial buildings or construction sites for better waste management. Broken asbestos, tiles, plasterboard, concrete, bricks, and other construction waste removal is possible with mini skips.

A mini skip bin is also proper when there isn’t much space to keep a larger waste bin. It’s small and quickly does the job! People love mini skips as they are small, neat, cost-effective, and offer an environmentally safe method of rubbish removal.

Difference Between Mini Skip Bins And Other Bins

Let’s take a closer look at mini skips and other types of bins to understand their differences.

Mini Skip Bin

You already know that mini skips are like little brothers of bigger skip bins! Skip bins come in sizes ranging from 2 cubic meters to 32 cubic meters. Mini skip bins fall in the low end of this range and can be 2 to 6 cubic meters. Usually, they are available in two sizes – 2 meters and 3 meters. 3 cubic meter skips can hold about 35 to 50 black waste bags, whereas 2-meter skips can handle around 25 garbage bags.

One thing to make sure of is the size of the garbage you plan to put in the skip bin. Mini skips are usually 1.5m square x 0.9m deep, so you have to manage the waste before disposal. If you want to place a woodblock or a large tree, you must cut it first to fit the bin’s height and depth.

Now let’s get to the quantity of rubbish a mini skip bin can hold. Depending upon the bin’s size, it can tackle 1.9 tons to 3 tons of garbage and black bin bags of waste.

Unlike other trash bins, these bins are open at the top and are quickly filled with garbage as and when needed. They are loaded directly into the trucks of your local trash collection services. The contents aren’t dumped into the truck. After the truck reaches a waste disposal area, everything is emptied from the bin.

Mid-Sized Skips

These are a little bigger than mini skips and are available in 4 to 6 cubic meters. The range of their depth is about 3 to 4 feet, and they can collect a lot of waste products properly. Mid skips have the capacity of handling double the amount of weight a mini skip bin can hold. That’s why builders use these containers to get rid of concrete and industrial waste from their site.

Mid-sized bins are trendy for collecting trash after a renovation, landscaping projects, and any company working on a small worksite. They are also used for domestic purposes, such as storing garden waste materials, soil, dirt, and home DIY trash. Depending on your requirement, these can also be very cost-effective. Furthermore, they can hold around 6 tons of garbage.

As these waste collection containers are bigger, their contents are often emptied into a waste disposal truck rather than loading them into it.

Jumbo Skips

These waste bins are the big boys of waste removal! Due to their massive sizes and structure, they are used for large commercial projects, company or home renovations, office clearances, and any relocation. They are available in various sizes, such as 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 cubic meters.

Jumbo bins deal with various types of waste such as wood, furniture, garden trash, timber, e-waste, and other office accessories. They are large, durable, and are capable of holding more than 10 tons of garbage inside them. Even extensive domestic construction work can make use of these big skip bins for accumulating their trash.

As jumbo skips are the biggest among the other waste bins, the amount of waste they hold is dumped directly into the garbage trucks. The materials are then taken to the waste pit and disposed of.

Why Hire A Mini Skip Bin Instead Of Standard Bins?

There are many benefits to opt for a skip bin hire. Let’s look at them one by one.


Firstly, mini skips bins cost way less than standard skip bins, as they are smaller. Hiring a skip service will allow you to stay worry-free about your trash while the company handles it for you. As transporting your junk to a landfill is costly and time-consuming in Australia, a skip bin hire will save you a lot of cash.


Getting a mini skip bin is more eco-friendly than dumping your trash in bin bags. As they can carry any waste, you can easily sort the materials into recyclable and non-recyclable categories. You can dump the rubbish onto the garbage truck accordingly. It will allow you to separate domestic and hazardous waste while keeping the surroundings clean.

Although smaller in size, a skip hire will use these bins and get all your trash to a safe disposal site.


If you’re a customer who isn’t able to get rid of their trash, any company that offers a skip bin delivery right at your doorstep is a godsend. After you’ve done dumping everything you don’t need, the service providers will pick it up and dispose of the contents. What’s more convenient than this?

Such a service will save you lots of time, money, and effort. It will help you in selecting a small size skip bin that isn’t your cup of tea. Plus, the delivery time and price of these firms are fantastic too! So, you won’t have to face any troubles.

Another benefit of using a mini skip bin is the amount of space you save. As these containers come in small sizes such as 2 or 3 meters, they take up very little space wherever you keep them. Even if you don’t go for a skip bin hire, these containers can quietly sit on your property to collect your garden trash and bags of garbage.


Dumping small amounts of rubbish is easy, but what if you have a lot of it? If you have recently renovated your house or reconstructed your office, you might have bags of garbage sitting somewhere. Disposing of so much trash isn’t a one-person task. Therefore, you need professional services.

All you need to do is give your local skip hire a call. As these professionals have been in this industry for years, they’ll visit the site and take care of your trash. They might use more than one mini skips, as per your trash’s weight. Furthermore, these companies offer you the best and most affordable price.


Be it commercial/ household waste or junk from a construction site; a mini skip bin can handle it all. These bins are compact, convenient and offer an environment-friendly way to store your trash. Being smaller in size than regular trash bins, you can keep these containers easily on your property. They are affordable and easy to carry by the trash trucks, which ultimately helps with the garbage disposal.


A mini skip bin is one of the most convenient ways of disposing of trash in your house or office. They can tackle all types of junk thrown at it. Although they seem like any other trash bin, there are some differences. Firstly, mini skips are smaller in size than the regular bins you come across. They are about 2 to 3 meters in length and can accommodate 25 to 50 black bin bags with ease.

These bins can store up to 3 tons of garbage without any hassles. However, as they haven’t got much depth or height, you need to check what material you put in them. In case your item doesn’t fit the skip bin, you need to break it down into several parts or dispose of the junk one piece at a time. Still, it won’t be an issue, as these garbage containers are not very heavy, and you can buy more containers if one isn’t enough for you.

If you aren’t able to handle your trash, hiring a skip bin service will save your day. Give them a call so that they can visit you and take away all your junk in mini skip bins. These services are available 24/7 with a helpline number you can call. They are ready to serve their customers promptly.