Skip Bins For Construction Waste

Construction waste is one of the most tedious and annoying types of garbage to dispose of. Construction crews and labourers leave behind a lot of rubbish after projects. In a country like Australia, living in the middle of a commercial city and managing a construction job is a hassle.

An excellent way of disposing of commercial and industrial garbage is by using skip bins. A skip bin is a large metal container with no lid. They are extremely reliable and safe. The main purpose of skip bins is to hold the rubbish before it can get adequately disposed of.

This article will discuss how you can use a skip bin for construction and other types of rubbish.

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Why Choose Sydney Skip Bins?

Skip bins are designed to make your life easier, especially if you live in residential areas. Furthermore, they are huge and store all your garbage in one place. Other kinds of bins are more scattered and smaller in size.

Skip bins also save you money and time. They are easily available, and you can choose your size depending on your needs. Furthermore, they’re made of almost all metal and are durable enough to contain heavy concrete and bricks from your refurbishing or landscaping job.

You can also use a Sydney skip bin hire very easily. A little online research about availability in your area will help you find lots of resources. Furthermore, the pricing depends on your needs, and you can accordingly choose what size you want.

What Kind Of Waste Can You Put In Sydney Skip Bins?

Skip bins are beneficial for a lot of different kinds of rubbish. But, they might also be unsuitable for certain kinds of garbage. Let’s discuss the garbage that you can safely dispose of in a skip bin.

General Waste

Skip bins are the safest for the regular garbage. That includes furniture, timber, clothes, paper, etc. Furthermore, you can generate this kind of rubbish in the house or during construction.

Proper segregation saves you a lot of time and capital. Furthermore, you avoid the risk of disposing of garbage incorrectly. Incorrect discarding is harmful and dangerous. Thus, skip bins are the perfect solutions for the regular rubbish.

Garden Waste

Garden waste or green waste gets generated when you have construction around nature. These include plants, tree branches, and other rubbish. While this garbage might seem harmless, it still needs proper handling and dumping. Furthermore, it needs to be properly stored so that you can recycle it.

You can get a skip bin designed specifically for green waste. These bins are made to make discarding easy and convenient. Furthermore, you can also use general bins for garden rubbish.

Concrete Waste

Concrete waste most commonly gets created during renovations and construction. Furthermore, most are due to demolition and is in the form of debris. You must keep debris away from the soil. Hence, it would be best if you used skip bins.

If garbage and soil get mixed, you lower your chances of selling the garbage. That is not only harmful to the environment but also to you. Recycling rubbish is an important part of proper discarding.

What Waste Should You Not Put In Sydney Skip Bins?

Certain kinds of wastes are harmful and dangerous to handle. Professionals get hired for such kinds of garbage management. Furthermore, it’s not convenient for ordinary residents in Sydney to get rid of this garbage. Hence, you mustn’t put such harmful substances.

Let’s discuss some of the things you shouldn’t dispose of in skip bins.


Asbestos is a fibrous silicate material. Furthermore, it is harmful to humans to handle. In Australia, only professionals with licenses can handle it. Furthermore, they use proper equipment and processes.

You shouldn’t use a skip bin to dump asbestos. Multiple people come in contact with these bins and get put at risk. Furthermore, they aren’t trained and don’t know the right protocols if they do come in contact. Hence, you should hire trained professionals for discarding such rubbish.

Chemical Wastes

Chemical waste is also harmful to the rubbish put in skip bins. Moreover, it’s dangerous for the people handling this rubbish. The liquids produced by chemical wastes also contaminate the skip bins.

The chemicals might also have reactions with the other garbage present in the bin. These reactions could create toxic by-products. Hence, you must not put chemical waste in skip bins.

What Size Should You Pick For Your Sydney Skip Bin?

Under ideal circumstances, the size of your skip bin will depend on the size of your construction job. The larger your construction or refurbishing job, the larger the skip bin you’ll need. Furthermore, the choice of skip bin also depends on what kind of rubbish you want to dump.

For example, a bathroom revamp job requires a skip bin of around 3 cubic metres. This size can accommodate all fixtures and tiles that might be garbage. For kitchen renovations, you will need a bigger skip bin of around4 cubic metre.

Hence, you must plan your construction or revamp projects and accordingly skip bin hire.

Why Do You Need Waste Management At Construction Sites?

Studies have shown that a construction site or refurbishing site contributes to landfills. These landfills are responsible for the emission of toxic gases that harm people and the environment.

Landfills take up a lot of space and cause a lot of damage. Hence, in recent years people have opposed the creation of more landfills. Furthermore, contractors have stopped taking responsibility for rubbish removal after the job is complete.

Skip bins are perfect solutions to this problem. While they are a small step, they promote sustainable and easy rubbish removal. Furthermore, they support the safe discarding of waste and encourage you to recycle waste.

What Kind Of Waste Is Found At A Construction Site?

Construction and renovation sites produce different kinds of wastes. These are different in nature and have different discarding processes. You don’t dump all of these wastes the same way. Hence, it is important to know what wastes usually get produced at construction and renovation sites.

Brick Waste

Brick waste usually gets created when some form of deconstruction takes place. These materials also have plastic and mortar in making them unfit to be reused. Hence, used bricks are ideal to recycle.

Bricks also form a large part of the waste generated during construction. Thus, it’s important that you collect and get rid of this waste properly.


Concrete and brick waste generation is usually equal for most construction sites in Sydney. But concrete waste used to fill landfills is much more harmful. Furthermore, these landfills create toxic gases that are dangerous for the environment.

Industrial grade concrete is recyclable. Hence, you should be aware of the process and accordingly store concrete waste.

Iron Substances

Material made from iron or ferrous material is another type of waste produced during construction projects. This kind of waste is profitable if recycled. Furthermore, the recycling process is easy and repeatable.

It is important to dump ferrous materials properly as they tend to oxidise. Once oxidised, it interferes with other waste and can cause many issues.

What Are The Advantages Of Construction Waste Management?

Managing waste efficiently and properly, especially during construction, is important. Furthermore, it has numerous benefits too. Let’s discuss some of the advantages of construction waste management.

Protection Of Marine Life

A lot of times, waste from construction gets deposited in oceans and rivers. This waste gets collected over time and poses a serious threat to marine life. Furthermore, a loss of marine life will result in an imbalance of the ecosystem.

Hence, construction waste must be disposed of properly and not dumped in the ocean.

Protection Of Human Life

The toxins emitted by this waste also harm humans. Furthermore, construction waste gets used to make landfills which have adverse effects. If waste is not managed well, a lot of respiratory diseases might spread among humans. Moreover, they become breeding grounds for bacteria.

Thus, waste must be properly segregated and disposed of with care.

Economic Benefits

Recycling and reusing have an economic benefit on both you and the government. You can sell certain kinds of wastes instead of completely disposing of it. Furthermore, if waste is not managed correctly, it costs the government a lot of money to counter the ill effects.

The diseases it might spread need specialised medicines, and the toxic emissions need specialised equipment to combat. Hence, you must dispose of waste efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Construction waste is an inconvenience and hassle if not disposed of correctly. Furthermore, they are harmful to the environment and humans. Hence, you must conduct waste management with care and precision. A lot of the rubbish produced here in Sydney can be recycled and reused.

In such a situation, smart skip bins are the perfect solution. They are large, durable, and can contain large quantities of waste. Furthermore, they make segregation and recycle processes easier. You also get skip bins in different sizes depending on the size of your project.

Skip bins are also easily available and can be used in residential areas very conveniently. Hence, you must use a skip bin hire for proper waste management during your construction or revamp job.


Skip bins Sydney help in proper rubbish removal and management and also promote recycling. They’re large metal containers without lids that are used during construction and refurbishing projects. Furthermore, they help store different kinds of was efficiently and properly.

Construction waste is a major contributor to landfills. These landfills emit toxins that adversely harm the environment and humans. Hence, the rubbish must be recycled and reused as much as possible. Skip bins help out in these situations.

You can get skip bins in different sizes depending on the scale of your project. If your project is just a bathroom job, a 3 cubic metre skip bin is more than enough. Furthermore, if it’s a slightly larger job like a kitchen, 4 cubic metres should suffice. You can get skin bins in large cubic metre depending on your needs.

Construction waste is of multiple kinds, and each needs proper removal. They can be concrete, bricks, or ferrous materials. Each of these need to be properly contained before disposal or recycling.

Concrete garbage management is also beneficial to plants, marine life, and humans. Their incorrect disposal causes harm to all kinds of life. Furthermore, it is an economic burden to both the government and you if done improperly.

Hence, it is important to use skip bins for proper waste management.