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Green waste is organic waste that every household generates every day. They can be vegetable peels, rotten vegetable and other such waste. Most people throw these in the garden in the hopes that they will mix with the soil.

Since green waste is biodegradable, it will decompose but, in turn, release harmful gases into the air. That is why you need to dispose of green waste very responsibly.

Improper disposal of green waste can cause serious problems. Moreover, it is very unsanitary to leave green waste in your garden or backyard. They act as a home to several insects and pests, which can cause harm to the environment.

Proper Disposal of Green Waste

Australia produces a large amount of green waste every year. This makes it necessary to discard the waste properly so that you can recycle it.

At Mobile Skips, we have taken the responsibility to offer residents will better rubbish removal solutions.

We offer mini skip bins that can be placed in any residential area. Since they are registered skip bins, the residents will not face any harassment.

Moreover, we accept green wastes, making it easy for the resident to dump them at the right place.

Recycling of Green Waste

You need to ensure that the wastes are not mixed up if you want them to be recycled. People should dispose green waste of separately so proper disposal, and the authorities can follow the recycling process.

They can recycle green waste by decomposing them and turning them into usable organic matter. However, authorities cannot do this if you mix the waste with other non-recyclable waste.

Here at Mobile Skips, we take your waste to the landfill and ensure proper disposal. We are committed to building and supporting a sustainable environment through the disposal and recycling of waste. Together we can build a better environment by being cautious about waste disposal.

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