How to Hire the Right Skip Bin for Your Waste Management Needs!

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Whether you are planning to renovate your Geelong kitchen, landscaping or just having a seasonal cleanout, you will need to hire a skip bin. Before making a booking, it is essential to plan for your skip bin hire Geelong first. Otherwise, you might end up with an unsuitable skip bin.

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Considering the following aspects will help you choose the best skip bins for your waste removal needs.

Amount of Rubbish

The suitable skip bin size is a critical factor to consider. It is usually the size of the skip and the weight of your waste that will dictate the bin hire price. Imagine hiring a large skip bin only to leave it half- empty. It means you have paid for extra kilograms that you will not even use.

Many people find it challenging to visualise the needed skip bin size. It helps to make a list or an inventory of the things you are planning to dispose of, unusually bulky or heavy items. You can also consult your skip bin hire company, before making a booking.

Types of Waste

Try to do an analysis of your waste, before starting to look for a skip bin hire service in Geelong. It is essential, as not every skip bin hire company will accept any type of waste you have. There are various types of skip bins for different types of garbage. Hazardous waste items, for example, require special rubbish disposal services. These are skip bin companies specialised and licenced to handle such materials.

Location of the Bin

Many people tend to overlook this aspect, although it is essential. Before hiring a skip bin, you need to think about where you will place it first. Try to find the best location around your Geelong property. It has to be somewhere accessible and close to the door to avoid repeated long trips to the bin. You should also think of the size of the skip bin. Not all bins can fit in tight or small places.

Skip Hire Duration

Before hiring a skip bin, you should have an estimate of how long you will need it for. Every extra day above the standard hire duration will cost you more money. To save money, you should try to get your skip bin filled quickly.

Mobile Skips are not your standard skip bins. They are better and cheaper and are mounted on registered trailers. Therefore, they can be parked anywhere. Most importantly, our skip bins do not need a permit from your local councils in Geelong.

Our mobile skip bins are four cubic meters big and under two metres high. They will fit anywhere in your Geelong property, even tight places. Their size is also ideal for property clean ups and small construction projects. We accept almost all waste types, including garden waste, office/household rubbish, and heavy construction items.

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