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Guide to Hiring the Right Skip Bin for Your Waste Management Needs!

With skip bins, size matters and picking the right skip for your project is a lot more difficult than it seems. With the help of our guide, you will learn about the different skip types (bags included), their sizes, and pros & cons. With the help of this guide, you will not waste your money hiring your next skip…

Rubbish Skip Bin Types (bags included)

Rubbish Bags


  • Small, can hold between 1m3 and 3m3 of rubbish depending on the size.
  • Pay for what you dispose of at the end of the booking
  • Carry Home Bag
  • No Time Limit with the bag


  • You don’t have a fixed upfront cost, so you will not know the full cost until after you return it
  • Can become very heavy and require a lift to be removed
  • Must be placed in an area with clearance for removal
  • Removal trucks typically require 3 metre access driveways with 9 metres of height to collect your bag.
  • Against Council regulations to be placed on public footpaths or roadways (can’t be placed in parking spots like a Mobile Skips bin can be)

Mobile Skips™ bins also known as a portable skip, trailer skip, or mobile mini skip


  • Comes in the most used/convenient size for homeowners, tradies, and construction fit outs—4 Cubic Metre (4m3).
  • Two weight options—500kg or 1000kg and can for an extra fee can go up to 1,500kg.
  • Has a registration plate can be placed anywhere a car can and doesn’t require a council permit.
  • Rubber tires will not damage concrete walks and driveways
  • Lockable lid (with lock included)
  • Quick Online Booking System
  • Easy to load
  • Wheel brake to ensure the skip doesn’t move
  • Easy to lift lids with three positions
  • Fee free cancellations and delivery date changes
  • Hassle free order changes
  • On-time delivery within a 3-hour window
  • Can be delivered within 3-hours after booking
  • Offering pick up at Bunnings or Delivery to your house
  • Great for moving because you can have it delivered to your old house, fill it, and then transport it to the new house to dispose of boxes and moving rubbish. (Call us to make this arrangement with our 24/7 call centre)
  • Can be moved around a construction project for best placement for waste disposal.
  • Doesn’t require a construction plan for council approval
  • Clean, doesn’t smell foul, and are maintained for safety.
  • Can be moved with a car.


  • Limited heavy waste (concrete, soil, glass, turf, bricks, etc).
  • Can’t dispose of liquids or hazardous waste.
  • Not suitable for demolition projects.
  • Can’t dispose of large furniture and bulky/oversize items.
  • Lid must shut for the skip to be taken away.
  • An extra fee when going over the 1,000kg weight limit.
  • Can only hold a max of 1,500kg.
  • Can be picked up from bunnings but must be collected by Mobile Skips for proper waste disposal.

Marrel Skip Bins (high on the sides and small footprint and one of the most common skip types).


  • Multiple sizes ranging from 2 to 17 cubic metres.
  • Has high sides and a short length and typically has a small footprint (size of a car parking spot).
  • The bin is lowered down into a spot.
  • Can come with wheelbarrow access (tell the skip service this when booking so they can deliver the correct skip for you).


  • Requires a Council Permit and may also require a construction plan as to where it will be placed and for how long.
  • Needs 3 metres access clearance.
  • Can’t be placed near foliage, branches, wires, or anything that could obstruct the collection.
  • Typically overused and not well maintained, can be rusted in several areas.
  • Can’t move without a lift.

Hooklift Skip Bins


  • Offers the largest size ranging from 3 cubic metres to 30 cubic metres.
  • Great for demolition and large commercial projects (pre fit-out).
  • Can handle rubbish weight that would overload a marrel skip.
  • Large rear doors can make it easy to load with construction equipment (e.g. bobcat).


  • Requires clearance for the delivery truck and the skip in order to be placed.
  • Requires a permit and a construction plan as to where it will be placed and for how long.
  • Not good for the average residential homeowner project due to the size and delivery restraints.
  • Requires a truck to move around.
  • Has a large footprint and takes ups a lot of space.
  • Can’t be placed near foliage, branches, wires, or anything that would obstruct it.

Skip Bin Hiring Advice

Rubbish bags—They can be easily picked up from a local store, but make sure you place in a location with enough clearance for a crane to collect it. Also, you don’t want the bag to placed in an area where things could be damaged when it is being lifted.

Mobile Skips—We have created a skip hire service with the customer service being our priority and that is why we have over 3,400 five-star reviews. We know that our customers have a busy life and need the skip hire process to be easy & quick and for the skip to arrive on time within a 3-hour window. We also know that weather can be unpredictable and that is why we have fee-free booking changes. If you are doing a house, or office, and you need the skip delivered at one house but then will be moved to another, please call us to make the arrangement. Mobile Skips can be picked up from Bunnings or you can place an order on our website, or by phone, for delivery. When we deliver the skip we will place it in your chosen location, but you can move them around if needed.

Marrel or a Hooklift—Read the fine print when it comes to the cost for weight/waste disposal because they can appear cheap up front but costly in the end due to additional fees. You will also need to work out what council you’re under and how to get your council permit for a temporary bin plate. You will generally need a construction/building plan showing where the bin will be placed and for how long it will be there. Spend time planning out where you want to place this skip type because they are very hard to move.


Not all skips are created equal and that goes for the service as well. At Mobile Skips we are customer-service first and that is why we have won the award for Best Rubbish Removal Service for 2021 and 2022 by Productreviews.com.au and that is because we offer quick & easy booking, fee-free cancellations, hassle free booking changes, on-time delivery, clean skips, and celebrity service from booking to collection. But if you are not going with Mobile Skips for your skip hire needs, then we recommend spending the time to find the right company for your waste management needs by reading reviews on ProductReviews.com.au, checking Google Business Profiles, reviews on Facebooks, and make sure they are a reputable rubbish removal & skip hire company.

Mobile Skips voted Best Rubbish Removal (Skip Hire) Service by Productreviews.com.au for 2021 and 2022.