How much do we love rubbish?

We take (almost) all kinds.

General rubbish.

Furniture, Timber, Clothes, Household junk, Office Material, Electrical goods.

Building rubbish.

Plaster, Timber, Carpet, Steel, Building rubbish.

Green rubbish

Gardening waste, Trees and Branches.

Heavy stuff.

We do take heavy stuff like sand, soil, bricks and concrete.

How much of it?

Standard bins take 500kg – a wheelbarrow of heavy stuff. Heavy bins take 1000kg – up to 5 wheelbarrows of heavy stuff.

Nothing Dangerous.

We don’t take dangerous materials like asbestos, chemicals, batteries, paint, food or biological waste. And nothing that goes Bang! (like gas bottles, fuel and oils.)

Skip bin hire that’s simple.

Really smart rubbish.

We reckon skip bin hire should be simple, so we’ve come up with a simple choice for your skip bins.

Just pick the best option that suits how much ‘heavy stuff’ you are throwing out.

4m3 Standard skip bins.

4m3 Heavy skip bins.

Skip bins were... rubbish.

We smartened them up.

In the old days, skip bins were hard to love


Beaten up, broken, oversized, and over-used.


No flexcibility, delivery fees, permit fees.


Lawn-wreckers, driveway-killers,

Here’s to cleaning up the humble skip.
Fits in the all the tight spaces, right where you need it.
No free-for-alls from the midnight dumping birigade!
Change your mind? Change the booking, with no fees.

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