Doing home renovations? Here’s what to do with your waste.

Whether you’re sick and tired of your old bathroom or your kitchen needs an upgrade, home renovations can be a massive undertaking.

As you ponder the amazing array of sleek designs and new materials, don’t forget that doing any kind of renovation leaves plenty of waste behind.

Before you dive in headfirst with that dream kitchen remodel, read on to learn more about home renovation waste and the best ways to get rid of it in a fast, effective way.

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Gearing up to renovate your home.

Once you’ve decided which type of renovation you want, it’s time to take a look at the bigger picture. Are you planning to rip out old carpet and install tile, or are you just adding new flooring over your old laminate? These questions make a big difference when it comes to how much waste you’ll likely produce.

Even if you’re not planning to do something massive, it’s best to get a little help from the professionals. Experts like plumbers and electricians know the proper way to make changes in your home and keep things safe and up to standard.

As you gaze upon what could be, it’s always a great idea to consider the help of an experienced contractor who can make your dreams come true. They have the expertise, the skill, and the know-how to take your home remodelling ideas from the paper and transform them into reality.

The most popular types of home renovations occur in the bathroom and kitchen. Both of these areas require a lot of legwork to complete, and they also produce a fair amount of construction waste. With construction skip bins from Mobile Skips, your next project will be easy and clean to boot.

Major home renovations like knocking down walls and making structural changes are even more intense. From sheet rock to wood beams, you need a skip to help you contain all of the building waste that you’ll create throughout the process.

Home renovations and the waste they produce.

In your mind, you probably envision a gorgeous tiled shower with sleek new faucets. The reality, however, is usually quite different when it comes to home renovations, at least during the beginning stages.

All major projects involving construction and changes to your home will inevitably end up messy until they’re completed. That’s why you need a proper skip bin that can handle the task. Our customers don’t just love our skips, they love our customer service, too.

At Mobile Skips, we’ve received lots of rave reviews about our skips and our service. Our customer Mick says, “Delivered on time with great advice and a smile, can’t ask for anything else, place the bin in a difficult area to get to, would recommend this service, very convenient.” 

If you’re prepping for a home renovation, make sure you contact us so we can help. You’ll experience the professionalism and experience that our friendly team provides along with the perfect skip for your construction waste removal needs.

Let’s dig in and take a closer look at a few examples of some common home renovations and what kind of waste they typically create.

Flooring installation.

New floors are a fantastic upgrade and they can be an affordable solution to make your space look new again. With new floors comes quite a bit of waste, so you’ll need something that can handle the excess material and get it out of your home.

If you currently have carpeting, the installer will need to rip the old carpet out as well as the padding underneath. This can be a bit messy since there’s going to be quite a lot of old material they’ll need to haul away!

Carpets also require staples to keep them securely in place, which means your flooring installer will have to get all of those out of the home as well. If your floors are tile and you’re getting new ones, all of the old broken tiles and grout will have to come out.

Depending on what type of flooring you’re installing, old baseboards or trim could also be part of the construction waste you’ll need to contend with. Before you have a flooring installation performed, get a few estimates on different material and labour costs. This will help you determine which option will be best for your home and your budget.

Major home renovations.

A few small tweaks shouldn’t be an issue, but a huge renovation project will definitely have its fair share of construction waste. The pros at Mobile Skips offer a wide selection of construction skip bins to suit every size project imaginable.

With a big renovation, the professionals will probably be making major changes to the home. Items like wood, drywall and other building materials will need to come out so they can start the renovation with a fresh, clean slate.

Dust and broken tools, old nails, and ripped up flooring are other examples of the waste that will need to be disposed of in a safe manner. At Mobile Skips, we provide skips with wheels that are easy to manoeuvre, and they also fit neatly into tight spots if needed. This makes disposing of major construction waste fast, easy, and efficient.

To ensure that your big home renovation project goes smoothly, talk to your home renovation professional before you commit. Show them exactly what you want on paper, and then put your heads together to come up with a game plan. Explaining your vision ahead of time will make the process easier for everyone when it’s time to get started.

Kitchen renovations.

Upgrading the kitchen is one of the most popular renovation projects for many homeowners. A new kitchen can give you more storage space, a sleek new look, and higher resale value for your home.

Most kitchen renovations involve major demolition including ripping out old cabinets, removing counter tops, changing light fixtures, and removing old flooring. All of these steps in the process create a huge amount of waste that needs to be disposed of fast.

Take a look at our durable skip bins that can handle most forms of construction rubbish. While we can’t accept dangerous materials or items that are too heavy, our skips are perfect for waste like old light fixtures, flooring materials, and most cabinetry.

If you’re getting new appliances, you may need to find out how to dispose of your old ones properly. If the old appliances are still in good working order, consider donating them to a local charity who could use them. 

To get a better idea of how much construction waste our skips can handle, the standard bins take 500kg, which is equivalent to around one wheelbarrow of heavy materials. If you need more, consider our heavy bins, which can handle up to 1000kg or around five wheelbarrows of heavy stuff.

Bathroom Renovations

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of the day when your old, outdated bathroom finally turns into a beautiful spa-like oasis. In order to achieve your goals, you’ll probably need to hire an experienced contractor who specializes in bathroom remodelling.

Most bathroom renovations involve the removal of flooring, old fixtures like taps, and vanities. If you’re getting a new tub or shower, those items will likely need to go, too. 

Similar to a kitchen remodelling project, these renovations often produce quite a bit of waste. Talk to your contractor to find out how they plan to remove large, heavy waste, and be sure to use Mobile Skips for the light to medium-sized stuff.

Cabinetry, windows, flooring and doors should fit just fine in one of our durable skips. Anything that’s extremely cumbersome or heavy might require another method of removal. 

If you want your bathroom renovation done right, choose all of your colours and materials for floors, vanities, and tapware together in advance. This will ensure that everything goes smoothly and that the renovation turns out just the way you want it to. You can attempt a DIY bathroom renovation as long as it doesn’t require changes to plumbing or electricity.

A new space produces lots of waste.

Home renovations are a great way to transform your place and help it reflect your personality and style. Whether it’s a brand-new bathroom or a glamorous, updated kitchen, these projects will create a lot of waste that you’ll need to dispose of in a responsible way.

If you’re looking for awesome skip bin hire without the hassles, be sure to visit our website and contact us today to find out more!

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Types of skip bins.

mobile skips booking 1000kg 2022

4 cubic metres : Heavy Skip Bin

  • Great for builder’s waste
  • Up to 5 wheelbarrows of ‘heavy stuff’
  • 1000kg included in price
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4 cubic metres : Standard Skip Bin

  • Perfect for general household cleanup
  • Up to 1 wheel barrow of ‘heavy stuff’
  • 500kg included in price

Dimensions of Mobile Skips bins

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Mobile Skips - Skip Bin Hire
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