Skip bin hire Geelong.

Mobile Skips is really smart rubbish.

That’s smart rubbish.

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What to expect from a skip bin hire Geelong, Victoria.

Do you have a huge rubbish removal project on your hands and need skip bins?

When it comes to moving rubbish, sometimes you need to think big and hire skip bins. But traditional skip bins are not well suited to modern rubbish removal. You need skip bin hire that fits the job.

Read on to learn what you can expect from a Mobile Skip bins in Geelong.

Pick your skip bins for immediate delivery.

Skip bin hire in Geelong doesn’t need to be hard! Just Pick the skip bins that suit your needs the best.

Our skip bins are 4 cubic meters and the standard skip bins can hold 500kgs. With fixed prices for 2 days (3 over a weekend), it’s perfect for a household clear-out. It will hold up to 1 wheelbarrow’s worth of ‘heavy’ material.

We also have our heavy skip bins that will store 1000kg. This is perfect for home renovations or builders waste and you’ll get up to 5 wheelbarrows of ‘heavy’ items in. And, if you need our skip bins longer, you can keep them as long as you need it for only $15 extra per day.

Booking your skip bins.

Booking in your skip bin hire in Geelong is easy too with our simple system. All you have to do is enter your postcode or suburb and you’ll get your instant quote.

You can then select your skip bin hire type, delivery date and time and collection day. You’ll see real-time availability for your chosen dates. Once you’ve made your choice, you’re all set to go!

It’s easy, hassle-free and you can make any changes you need free of charge. If you want to return your skip bins early, we offer free returns anytime. And if you order in the morning, we can offer you 3-hour, same-day delivery.

Taking delivery of your Mobile Skip®.

We’ll deliver your Mobile Skip to your home, anywhere you can park a car. It can go on your driveway, carport, or garage. Don’t worry, unlike traditional skip bins there won’t be any damage to your lawn or driveway!

We know delivery isn’t convenient for everyone, so we’ve partnered with Bunnings. You’ll find our Mobile Skips at their car parks where you can grab your skip bins and go!

Filling your skip bin.

With the lockable lid of our skip bins, you can have peace of mind over the security of your rubbish, and no more unsolicited dumping! You can leave your bin at the end of the day, knowing it’s safe.

And our skip bins can take any sort of waste, from general rubbish to builder’s rubbish so long as it’s not dangerous. We don’t take items like chemicals, batteries, biological waste, explosive material, and asbestos.


You can rest assured that at Mobile Skips, we are proud to dispose of waste in a sustainable and responsible way. Our skip bin design allows for better sorting and recycling.

All our skips come back to the depot for emptying and weighing. We then transport it to our registered recycling plants for sorting and recycling.

Each year, we’re seeing over 7,000,000kg of waste avoiding the landfill sites!

Skip hire in Geelong - do it the right way.

So there you have it, skip hire in Geelong doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’re here to make the process easy and quick to sort out.

Our skips bins are safe, secure, and easy to move around your property. So when you think of hiring a skip, think really smart rubbish with Mobile Skips®.

If you’re in Geelong and in need of a skip for your clear-out, contact us today.

Mobile Skip vs Mini Skip vs Trailer Skip in Geelong.

Got rubbish that requires cleaning up in your home? Not sure that the best way to eliminate this unwanted rubbish? Mini skips, trailer skips and mobile skips are perfect for this tidy up job in your home or following a little renovation, but that one is ideal to pick?

Mini skips are up to 4 cubic meters in volume and also are inclined to be the most costly of the lot because of having a truck to deliver the bin. They’re the very best choice if you’ve got tons of heavy material (such as bricks sand, dirt or concrete). However, if you do not have thick things a trailer skip or Mobile Skip would be the best choices. Why? Since they are both mounted onto a trailer you will get them nearer into the rubbish, they are kind to a driveway and yard and you will normally make them cheaper than the usual traditional mini skip.

So for Trailer Skips versus a Mobile Skip? We would suggest the Mobile Skip since they include lids that could be secured (just like a trailer skip), do not pull council permits and can arrive in 3 hours prior to you reserving the skip bin.

On review, mini skips, trailer skips and mobile skips are going to have the ability to match your rubbish you will need to tidy up, however, it’s worth doing your own research to be certain to choose the very best service delivery model too.

We're a Company that cares about Geelong.

From friendliness, environmental preservation, competitive and affordable prices, we are a reliable business that cares about the service we offer in Sydney.

There is no other waste-oriented business in Geelong that would recommend the right prices and explain the cost of our service.

With the ease to book, drop, use, and pick, Mobile Skips is the professional service everyone in Geelong would recommend. So, call us now to get a quote.

We’re almost everywhere.

And if we’re not near you yet, we soon will be.

We're really sure you'll love our skip bin hire Geelong.

Are you looking for the best skip bin hire Geelong to better manage your waste removal? Don’t worry when we offer 3-hour delivery. You even get to change the time and order any time or return a skip bin free of charge.

Fast Delivery

All you need to do is order a skip bin online for fast delivery in just hours in Geelong — where and when you want it.


Easy Changes

When your skip hire plans unexpectedly change, our systems allow for instant changes and flexibility without further fees.


Free Returns

Change your mind — even after delivery and we will remove the bin with no fee and reimmburse you within 5 days.

Smart rubbish removal starts here in Geelong.


No waiting.

Hire a skip online with instant pricing, 3-hour delivery in Geelong, choose your ideal delivery time, our friendly and punctual owner-operators facilitate drop and disposal delivery of your Mobile Skips®, hassle free.


No hassles.

Our skip hire Geelong can park anywhere without permits, taking nearly all rubbish and waste types with secure lids. 

Change your booking anytime with no fees.


No ripoffs.

Geelong Mobile Skips® provides fixed price skip hire, no surprises, big value backed by national service and Bunnings and hundreds of happy customers, trust us and we will deliver quality service.


Skip bin hire that makes people happy in and around Geelong.

It's why over a thousand rubbish removal customers have reviewed our stellar service with a 5-star rating.

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5 Stars - Based on 67 User Reviews
Catherine Avatar
04/12/21 - ProductReview

Moving home Great service & customer helpful.Andrew great to deal with,have recommended your company to other people.Will be using your company if I require another cleanup.Thank you again Merry Christmas to you all

Alex Avatar
04/12/21 - ProductReview

Good service Skip was delivered on time with plenty of communication. Chris will also help you judge if you're approaching the weight limit if you send him photos. The bonus pair of... read more

Tiger073 Avatar
03/12/21 - ProductReview

Tiger073 Andrew was amazing and very friendly We will recommend this service to my family and friends very happy would use this company again what i love about the skip it... read more

glen Avatar
02/12/21 - ProductReview

Simple and easy Chris drops a bin right at my front door, details its limits and comes and takes it away as agreed. Easy access on tyres. Secure. Quick. Always know what is... read more

James G. Avatar
James G.
01/12/21 - ProductReview

Really great service Chris and the team were super responsive and professional, making the effort to get the bins inside my fence line despite only have a literal 2cm of gate clearance. Impressed!

Burger Avatar
01/12/21 - ProductReview

Very handy service The dude who delivered the bin showed great interest in my business, he came in and got a great understanding of what we do.We will use his service again... read more

Skip bins are not all created equal.

First we made really smart skip bins — then we made a service that’s faster, fairer, and more flexible.

Why you should get professional waste disposal solutions?

We would recommend you to get a professional waste management solution for the following reasons:
• Clear out all the unwanted waste from your place in Geelong.
Empty a deceased estate without having to worry about disposing waste manually.
• Get professional renovation service done without having to deal with the waste on your own.
• Get rid of all the green waste your household produces throughout the day. Keep your house clean and devoid of trash.
• Much more affordable to get professional service once rather than running to dump trash time and again.
• Get a skin within a few hours after your contact with us about confirming the booking.

What you need to know about skip bin hire professional service in Geelong.

Looking for a commercial business to handle domestic waste from cities and suburbs is not a simple business. Waste recycling is a complex and competitive subject matter and requires professional handling.

Our team has made skips waste removal services simple for you. This guide will give you all the information you need about the council permits, hire process, skip bin variety, and prices offered by our company.

How do you choose a skip bin?

Determine the waste removal service skip you need by determining how much waste is owned and disposed of by you. Is it a truck-load or more or less than that? Choose your skip bin according to your waste collection.
Our standard 4 cubic skip bins can hold up to 500 kgs of a local office or house waste. If you want an industry-size skin bin, we can provide you with one with 1000kgs capacity. This option can hold over five wheelbarrows of ‘heavy’ waste.
We offer fixed prices for two weekdays and three days on the weekends. Therefore, you can keep the bin you ordered on Friday or Saturday till Monday or Tuesday. However, you can hire for longer at only $15 per day.

How do You book the Mobile Skip®?

Its our job to provide you with the skip bins you offered and our service makes the process smooth. You do not need to take council permit to get the skips settles. As long as the place as council permission to park a car, our bin can settle there.

Mobile Skips’s bin’s construction is such that it can fir into tight domestic places at ease. We will help our customer and their family fit the bin into a garage or even underground parking lots.

you can even pick up your disposal bin from Bunnings. Call us to know the perfect location near you.

How is a skip bin filled?

Once you have a skip, all you need to do is open the lid and throw the waste inside. Since our skips have reliable lockable lids, you can throw in domestic, green, or just about any waste materials without worrying about not being friendly to the environment.

All you need to make sure is that you do not dump anything dangerous into the skips.

How are skips collected?

Once your rent period is over, we will automatically collect the skip bin from your location. All the skip bins are transported to the depot where it is sent for recycling and disposal in environmental friendly ways.

Our business collects about 7,000,000kg of waste from our domestic and team customer base.

Each year, we’re seeing over 7,000,000kg of waste avoiding the landfill sites!

Skip hire in Geelong - do it the right way.

So there you have it, skip hire in Geelong doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’re here to make the process easy and quick to sort out.

Our skips bins are safe, secure, and easy to move around your property. So when you think of hiring a skip, think really smart rubbish with Mobile Skips®.

If you’re in Geelong and in need of a skip for your clear-out, contact us today.


Hiring a skip shouldn’t trash the planet.

Our rubbish removal is backed by environmentally responsible disposal—recycling instead of landfill.

Mobile Skip Bin Hire @ Bunnings, pickup or delivery for your waste management.

We've partnered nationally with Bunnings.

We’re affordbale, trustworthy, and in it for the long haul. That’s why Bunnings chose us as official national skip bin hire partnersship and why our Mobile Skips are available for pickup all over the country.

Trade or commercial rubbish?

Commercial waste and builders require special treatment and flexibility. Our skip bins and services take care of these requirements easily.

Really smart rubbish makes clearing out a breeze.

We deliver

Order online for a 3-hour delivery—you don’t even have to be home during delivery.

All rubbish

From garage cleanouts to building rubbish, from household waste to green rubbish.

No permits

Street parking without permits, trailers save your driveway, and fit in garages and other tight spaces.

What makes our really smart skip bin hire tick?



Really simple, really smart—our skip bins get into tight spaces with no driveway damage and no permits.


Lockable lids mean your skip bin is all yours—no hassles with random dumping or nosey neighbours!


Don’t let their neatness fool you—our 4 cubic meter skip bins take four full 6’ x 4’ trailer loads of rubbish.

Types of skip bins.

Mobile Skips - 4 cubic Metre Standard Skip bin - 500kg

4 cubic metres : Standard skip bins

  • Perfect for general household cleanup
  • Up to 1 wheel barrow of ‘heavy stuff’
  • 500kg included in price
Prices from : $339 – 2 days hire
Mobile Skips - 4 cubic metre, Heavy skips bins - 500kg

4 cubic metres : Heavy skip bins

  • Great for builders waste
  • Up to 5 wheel barrow of ‘heavy stuff’
  • 1000kg included in price
Prices from : $389 – 2 days hire

Check out Geelong related information.

We've been helping Victoria do smart rubbish since 2006, and we feel everyone deserves to do smart rubbish. We will gladly service those in regional Geelong and beyond, with six-day delivery and the convenience of hire available from Bunnings stores all across Victoria.

We've been helping Victoria do smart rubbish since 2006, and we feel everyone deserves to do smart rubbish. We will gladly service those in regional Geelong and beyond, with six-day delivery and the convenience of hire available from Bunnings stores all across Victoria.

Taking care of delivery, pick up and disposing of rubbish, we've got your waste management solutions sorted while keeping you updated every step of the way. Whether you want to undergo a Spring clean, undergo some home DIY, move homes or businesses, Mobile Skips makes Geelong waste transfer easy. And with two skip bin sizes available, there's something for both your light and heavy waste disposal needs.

You need a permit to place a skip, bin or container on a road or land owned by the City of Greater Geelong Council. We eliminate the hassle. Our mobile skips are mounted on registered trailers and therefore can be parked anywhere a car can. Meaning no additional charges are passed on to you and no need to arrange a permit, allowing you to get the job done sooner.

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