We reinvented the skip bin and then the industry.

That's really smart.

Skip bins used to be rubbish.

We knew we could do better.


Beaten up, broken and over-used


No flexibility, delivery fees, permit fees.


Lawn-wreckers, driveway-killers, accidents-in-waiting.

So we smartened them up.

Even rubbish can be a good experience.


Fits in all the tight spaces, right where you need it.


No free-for-alls from the midnight dumping brigade!


Twice the volume of a ‘mini skip’ – perfect for all jobs.

First we redesigned the skip.

We believe there’s always room to improve.

On wheels.

Totally lockable.

Rubbish of all types.


Then we redesigned the industry.

It was really due a shake-up!

Happy drivers

Easy booking

Fast and flexible

Environmentally smart.

Types of skip bins.

4 cubic metres : Standard skip bins

4 cubic metres : Heavy skip bins

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